Wednesday, October 15, 2008

About Home, Phone, Screw and RON


Have not been feeling well. Lots of people around me including Babai are having signs of flu, fever, cough and sore throat. My fever isn't so bad, but the discomfort doesn't seems to go away.

Here's some update for these few days:


I came home early today as I had joined a tender briefing at Ulu Klang and we finished quite early. So on my way back I dropped by to the house that we've been eyeing. It was kinda surprise me as there were only one real estate agent plague left. A sad news though, I called up my agent ans she told me the house is already taken up by another Chinese couple with the same price offered by the owner previously :( ... I told Babai about it, and he consoled me by saying that we will keep looking. But I want that one!!!! I want! I want I want!!... but what to do T_T... maybe it's not meant to be. Nevermindlah.. T_T...

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After many years passed by, I got scolded again today. By my boss. It went something like this;

While we were at site...

Boss : Can you secretly take pictures inside? But I need to go now. (Looking at me and my junior..)
Me : My phone got no camera la boss..
Boss : What!!?!
Junior : My phone got camera... but not so goodla boss..
Boss : (Looking at me, horrified..) ------ (insert my real name),How can you still use a phone without a camera??!! Yada.. yada.. yadaa.. (looking at my junior) if you can't afford to get a phone with good camera I understand, because you just started working and your salary may be small (then looking at me) but you! I just don't get it! Haizz!!.. You must change your phone soon!!
Me : Huh?! (wtf?!?) ....

Huhuhu.. Is it time to change already? Should I succumb to pressure?

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I got my riding jacket, glove and helmet already. But another sad news :( we might not be riding to Sepang Circuit afterall... Ngieng's advice worried Babai. He mentioned that it is not advisable to ride on that day as there were lots of cases of stolen parts, even the whole bike itself on that day. Security was a concern, and I don't think Babai would be willing to loose anything, not even a single screw, esp for safety purposes. Nevermind lah, let us just enjoy viewing other riders' bike then.

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Price of RON97 petrol has gone futher down by 15 cent (at RM2.30) today. How do you feel now ?


One Other ... said...

yeay for the 15cent decrease!! Hopefully by 31st Dec 2008, we'll go back to 1.90, or lower!

boohooo for the house. Try again dear, better luck next time. U'll get a better house, im sure of it.

cdason said...

the phone thing... if ur boss wants u to change.. he should pay for it.. or give u a pay rise..

Sumuk said...

One Other : wow! that's a wishful thinking. Cheers for your optimism!! :D

cdason : yalorrr... the sad thing is that, he will not do it in 100 years. dia cakap saja sedap mulut..

Anonymous said...

sumuk, ya link keh?
mesti leh boleh ;)

Anonymous said...

i hope you don't mind and don't get angry ya...

HARRR ??? What the heck! still using a phone without camera???????


Sumuk said...

**sumuk crying...**

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