Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10th Malaysian MotoGP 2008

Malaysian MotoGP 2008 is almost here!!!
This is the 10th Edition of Malaysian MotoGP, and we are so excited we just can't wait for the event!

The most awaited Motor Grand Prix for bike enthusiast shall come like a storm to our very own Sepang International Circuit on 17-19th October 2008. More info can be found at their official website

See! Babai is so 'gan cheong' he bought me not 1, but 2 Ladies MotoGP T-shirts. Which I found to be one size smaller.

Uh huh.. I got the hint.

For 2 consecutive years, Babai had missed out on watching MotoGP because of my other commitment. He reminded me gently last year, MotoGP 2008 period shall be reserved for him, and for me to block out the date. Well. How couldn't I? Im not as obsessed as him when it comes to big bikes, but my own excitement to see these beasts is enough I don't mind the heat on the circuit at all.

Anyway, Babai already has his free ticket given by his company, and we will get mine soon.

For those who wants to join in the fun, you can purchase your ticket online from Special price is on until 31st July 2008.

Guess which team and rider we will pinned for this year?


i blog / u read said...

the (tick) and ( X ) marks make me laugh today.
hmmm i wonder who's babai fave bikeracer. must be the retired aussie Michael Dohan.

Sumuk said...

:D :D

Tribu dei paria..:x
Doohan is a legend. But stoner is the new king heiya heiya!!

i blog / u read said...

where do u two put valentino rossi then? *wink*

Sumuk said...

Second place onli hihih!! Until the day he join the Duke's. can or not?

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