Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down The 'Memory' Lane

Let's go down the memory lane for a while. Forget about ISA for a moment.

Today, I would like to pay tribute to few of my best friends, who have been with me during my most difficult time, have no qualm on failing me at some point or another, and one I could not live without, ever!

Let me introduce them to you chronologically.


Haha!! Surely lvynana will remember her! This is the phone that made my heart skipped a bit everytime it ring. Mobile phone was something so new, at a time when it was considered a luxury to be able to own one. The phone at that time belongs to 5 of us housemates. We would diligently take turn to bring it to class on the weekdays, and it would be at our apartment on the weekend. There are so many 'memories' attached to this Nokia phone :D

During the economic meltdown in 97-98, we couldnt afford to pay the bill anymore, thus we stopped using it for about a year. Then onwards, all of us went our separate ways, and communication by email, and even snail mails took over.


This is my second phone. This Motorola cost me 4 months of part-time working at cyber cafes and starving off from my monthly allowance. It was a second-hand phone of which I bought from a friend who needed the money desperately, he was willing to accept installment.

This Siemens mobile phone I borrowed from my sister-in-law. My brother bought it for her for less than RM80 at Uda Ocean (second-hand). My previous phone died on me, maybe because I have been hanging on it too long. This Siemens phone is the phone that caused my boss to say, "Please change your phone lah weii. It is just too ugly for you to bring in front of customers. Follow the trend lah..". Duh.. It worked and function just fine ok. Why would I even bother? If you want, increase my salary lah!


I finally changed Siemens to this Motorola phone when one of our manager was letting go of it for a better phone. At the same time, the Siemens phone was getting more and more troublesome, it cannot detect my SIM card. I was willing to pay RM150 for the phone, but the manager was being generous by selling it to me for RM100. Teeheehee.. that's my first encounter with a colored screen phone by the way.


I consider this phone as the best among all that I have so far. Not because it was laden with the latest technology, but because it was consider expensive when it came out, and I did not spend a single cent on it haha!! I had wanted to pay the person who bought it for me, but so happened I left my company and he never bother to ask for the money. Now that I joint the company back..eleh... just act stupid lah haha!!


I exchanged my phone with Babai's Nokia similar to the above because at one time, he was having flat battery. And he never return my phone back ever since (or was it me who never return his phone? I don't remember..). Now the Motorola phone is with my brother when Babai finally bought his Dopod.


This is not exactly the phone that I'm using right now. It is all black in color, but mine was with the most basic features. I have gone back to the era of monotone screen, no camera, no bluetooth, no gprs, no nothing whatsoever. I had been using it since the day I broke the Nokia 8810 phone in my auto accident end of last year. Babai got it from a lucky draw. Free phone again..huhuhu!!

If you have notice, I'm not choosy when it comes to mobile phone. As long as it is willing to listen to me, and send me the forwarded advice (when I don't really need it), then I am happy. So who wants to let their mobile befriended me?

Writer's note : All images were stolen from I don't know where in the net. If anybody think it's belong to them, pls own up and I will link the photo to you (that is if you are not embarassed of your old phone lah.)


lvynana said...

alamak..memory lamak..
of coz i remember tat phone.kikiki
but after that..mok lost count tiak..now i'm happy with my beloved sony ericsson ;)

Sumuk said...

Ahaha!! I know you would miss the phone. It is still with me u know. Masih boleh pakai lagi tau..

i blog / u read said...

cit... suspen jak baca entry tok. skali click hp padu. ingat ada lenglui tek hahaha points given for being creative.

Sumuk said...

ahahah!! Gotcha! thanks bro.

Tikiyung said...

bravo2...sungguh best crita ko tok, senget palak aku maca eh!

Sumuk said...

haha.. been wanting to do this post for a long time. tribu dei mobile phone kuikuikui..

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