Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where do We Go From Here?

This year I have not been holidaying anywhere, with the exception of trips to Singapore, Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan for work, and a trip to Cherating with Bidayuh.info friends. Now that it's the end of the year, my adventurous spirit is kicking and screaming to be let out again.

I would like to invite any of you, whether you have already met me in person or not, or whether you have done one before, to join me for a backpacking adventure, especially to a third world country in Asia Pacific. It will be preferably a small team of 2-4 person, with a maximum of 6.

I have done a DIY backpacking trip with a girl friend to Cambodia and Thailand in 2005. I would like to explore more side of Thailand, but I am a bit worried about the unrest.

There is no specific detail for the itinerary save for flight dates, suggested place to go and sketchy details of activities as we'll be more spontaneous.

Place of interest :
1. Remote (note:very remote) place of Sarawak/Sabah
2. Vietnam
3. Cambodia (again. why not?)
4. Thailand
5. Tibet
6. Nepal (thanks Tugau for the suggestion)
7. Etc...

Those that I'm looking for :
1. Age above 18 yrs old
2. No other obligation during the travelling period
3. TAK BANYAK SONGEH, esp food, money, accomodation, etc..
4. Financially able (start saving now *wink*)
5. Healthy and without chronic disease
6. Can sleep without air-conditioning
7. Not so selfish, a bit is ok.
8. No gender/race preferance btw.

If you think that you have the same interest as me, kindly contact me at sumukeyes@gmail.com.

Well, any takers?


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