Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Relief!

Ok I'm gonna make a quick one cos somebody already complaining my blog is getting 'berkulat' teehehee...

As most of us realized, Budget 2009 is out. If you are not sure of the full content, you can see it here < Malaysian Budget 2009 >.

Budget 2009 Speech Text Item No. 55 is meant to relieve the financial burden to the rakyat, and to make home ownership become not just a mere dream to most of us.

Luckily the relief is applicable to us too

It has been proposed that 50% stamp duty exemption be extended to the housing loan agreement to a property cost RM250,0000 and below effective on 29 August 2008 until December 2010. This proposal is on top of the 50% stamp duty exemption on the instrument of transfer (transfer of title) for the purchase of completed propery which was effective since last 27 September 2007.

I have heard of the 'news in the wind' about this proposal few weeks before, and the announcement came as such a biggg relief to us! The timing couldn't have been better.. There are few thousand ringgit we can save there hehe..

UPDATE ON THE HOUSE: The first agent did not come back to us after the first viewing, so we made a second viewing with another agent. I found out from the second agent that the owner of the house has listed with 4 agents including her, so we must be quick before the house go off the market.

Finally we agreed to meet up on last Saturday with the agent and the owners, a young Chinese couple who I believed could be about our age. At first we didnt tell them we have already seen the house, but somehow after half an hour of happy conversation, it came out automatically from my big fat mouth, damn it!

Anyway, we do not have so much problem with the house, except for the facts that it doesn't come with the tile flooring except for the kitchen and the bathrooms, it faces West and hot in the evening (although the owner was quick to claim that it actually faces Southwest, but it was still hot nevertheless.) Also, the property is a leasehold. But all these factor does not really bother me much. Why? Because I have such a good feeling for this particular house :D

The facts that pleases us:
1. The house is higher than the road/on a hill
2. It is facing the valley/
3. Completed fully by IJM
4. About 10-15 min drive to the major highways
5. Exterior/interior looks not bad, eventhough the kitchen and Bedroom 3 seems to be a bit small to my liking
6. Only 40 units for that phase (2 rows back to back). Meaning we dont have to wake up in the morning seeing disgruntled neighbours ;p)

Even the house number is not bad actually.

Me and Babai has yet to make any firm decision, as the owner is still checking few things based on our enquiry.

And yeaa.. did I mentioned that they have arranged another two Malay couples viewing the same house when we were there?

Hmphh.. let us keep our finger crossed.


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