Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Full of Wisdom

Yeap. But too much of it gave me so much problems.
I used to have it on my right.
I removed it 5 years ago.
Now the left side is causing me problems.
By the way, Im talking about 'wisdom tooth' ok..

Out of all sickness, I'm on mc today due to toothache. I felt so ridiculuos telling my boss that I'm not gonna be in because I have toothache. Feel so childish.
And it's wisdom tooth ya'all. Am I gonna left with no wisdom at all after this?

I've been kena like this for more than 5 times already within this two years alone *sigh*

Now I'm thinking of whether it is time to seriously consider removing it for good. It's a very painful procedure ok :( But I cannot keep on having infection and even swelling for the rest of my life.. *sigh*.. and the mini operation does not come cheap. Why lar no subsidy for dental treatment?

Something to share with you guys..

Wisdom Tooth Problem


tikiyung said...

aku ingat kan tangan tadik...fuhhh, luckly mine didnt coz me any problem.

Sumuk said...

yup.. you are one of the lucky ones wuhuuhu..

Sumuk said...

bah.. ada 'wisdom hand' ka brader? sik pernah juak ku nengar...

tikiyung said...

ada.....tangan hindu god, ada nok tangan enam nak!

Sumuk said...

kuang kuang kuang!!!
nang sah la kau mmg slalu bertapa di batu cave tok kuikuikui!!!

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