Friday, September 5, 2008

Honey Money

I have been using Maybank Visa Debit Card for about 1 month now. The reason why I started using debit card instead of credit card is to control my impulsive spending. So far it works. I did not make any purchase during the Jaya Jusco Merdeka mignight sale :D

However, I encountered few dissappointment when I just started using this card. Firstly.. I did not realized that Maybank Visa Debit card cannot be used for online purchase. Not that I know of so far. My impulsive spending does actually extend to buying cheap holiday travel, whenever Air Asia is having a promotion. Gosh.. I just can't help it.

Secondly, whenever you used the card at petrol pump, your money will be deducted with a fixed preauthorisation amount, which is RM150. It will be held for about 3 days until the submission of the correct amount by the petrol station to the bank. I am fine with that. But the problem was, when I used the card on last 24th August 2008 at Petronas station, I stupidly entered my Jusco card instead of my Mesra card to collect the point. That was when the indicator shown card error. Thinking that my new card might be faulty, I went to the counter and pay by cash instead.

Now, the problem is that, the pre-authorised amount have not been reversed into my account until today. I had waited until 28 August to call the customer service, on which the rep told me to wait another 2 more days. When I found out last Tuesday that the money has yet to be returned while my petrol purchase on the 1 Sept 08 managed to get through, I made another call to the customer service and this time I left my detail with them. When I asked her when can I expected to receive back money, she told me to wait until next Monday. That was when I started to feel my blood boiling, so to speak.

I immediately questioned her, why would it take such a long time to return the money when it already took 9 days from the date of my transaction? On top of that, she was asking me to wait another 6 days? That's already 15 days, honey! What are you guys doing with my money?

She was quicked to explain that it will take them roughly 3-4 days to investigate the transaction, but she will put my case into 'Urgent' to help expedite the case. Meaning I could check on Friday (today) to see the money. I cooled down a bit. But as of today as I write this post, I still yet to see the money in my account.

I'm gonna call them again later, and if I did not get my money by next Monday, I have no choice but to threaten them I'm gonna write to Bank Negara and cc to their headquarters. Some might say RM150 is not much, but I'd say 15 days is just tooo much. Oi Maybank, hello!! Which country are you living in??? Somalia is it?


tikiyung said...

haha.....nasib baik aku delay tukar maybank card aku, mun sik kenak bayar rm12. bodo juak bank malaysia tok

Desmond said...

I stoppe using my Freedom as in my previous post :(

At first I was excited but well....I am glad u blogged about ur experience. I am too bloody mad about the money I lost becoz of the deductions they made everytime I top up my card......I must have missed something when I bought the card.

headsteadi said...

"I did not realized that Maybank Visa Debit card cannot be used for online purchase"
>>> If u use TuneCard, no problem with internet transaction. Been using it and so far no issue.

"whenever you used the card at petrol pump, your money will be deducted with a fixed preauthorisation amount, which is RM150"
>>> Same goes to TuneCard. Actually that's a security policy for debit card. As a workaround, swipe at the counter so they won't hold the RM150.

One more thing. Your Maybank Debit Card doesn't work with PayPal money transfer. TuneCard does.

Sumuk said...

Hehe.. the reason why i chose Maybankcard is because it ties to my saving account, so I do not need to top up. So far I do not have the use for Paypal yet. I'll do something about it later (procastinating as usual).

tikiyung : I believe it would not be such a big problem la.. if not because of my own stupidity. wait and see jak.

desmond : wau.. taiko in the house!! thanks for dropping by. if u thinking of letting go of the i-Mobile 310, just let me know ;)

headsteadi : yep. i heard lotsa good thing about Tunecard, im just a bit put off by the top up part. It defeat the purpose of convinient. Err.. I wonder if you can top up via Maybank2u?

headsteadi said...

"I wonder if you can top up via Maybank2u?"
>>> Yes you can. From the TuneMoney.comwebsite, there's an options to top-up via MEPS transaction. You can choose your bank. M2U one of them. CIMB better still, lower fee because this TuneCard actually co-brand with CIMB.

Anonymous said...

actually i tot debit card is totally like a credit card except that you have to pay in advance...and the rest are the same...

mana tahu debit card itself so many restriction huh... i guess i'll just wait and see how things progress for debit card usage in malaysia...

Sumuk said...

headsteadi : then again, if i were to do that, i still need to pay RM2 for each top up fr maybank2u right?

freeweelee : different cards hv different restrictions and policy. so far, i notice lots of good review abt TuneCard. hope that will help you to narrow down your decision..

headsteadi said...

"i still need to pay RM2 for each top up fr maybank2u right?"
>>> Yes

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