Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alas! I Got it Back!

Yesss!!! At last I managed to get back my money today. Albeit 16 days lapses, I dont need to grumble no more.

Yesterday (Monday) I still did not see the money in my account. My first call to the Maybank customer service was received by a customer service rep who matched my moody Monday tone. She put me on hold for a minute, then out of sudden I heard the beep beep beep of a phone being cut off. What actually happened I do not want to guess. Luckily I did not get your name, lady!

When I called for the second time, I did not waste my time explaining as I immediately gave her (a different rep) my account number, and this time I changed my tone. I let her read the report herself. She mentioned that an email has already been written to their headquarters-credit card department 2 days (huh?) after I made the first complaint. As of our discussion, they have yet to receive any reply. As she knows that I might be a disgruntled customer, she speak nicely but firmly, apologizing for the delay and saying that she herself will check the status and call me back for updates.

Less than 15 minutes later, she called me back saying that the respective department have noted the report and my money will be credited back within 2 days time.

Thanks Nurbahayah!

I guess it pays to be nice to a Customer Service once in a while. They are just human anyway ;)


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