Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Should He Become a PM?

The result has been announced.
Of course Permatang Pauh belongs to PKR.
And Dr. Dtk. Anwar Ibrahim won by a bigger majority compare to his wife in the previous election.
Any way, you must have known it by now.
And I am not so interested to talk about that actually.

What I am interested to think about is, should he become a PM?

Personally, my answer is no.

There are few reasons why I said this;

1. Assuming that Saiful oath is right, meaning he is a sodomizer. He is not fit to become a PM because he already a criminal by Malaysian law.

2. Assuming that Saiful oath is still right, but its was under consensual decision, then it made Dr. Anwar to become a bisexual. He is still out of law, and on top of that, he cheated on his wife bla bla bla go figure.

3. Assuming that Saiful oath is not right, then this whole country must be the biggest joker in the whole universe. Whatever amount money being paid to Saiful, I could not comprehend how it is possible, or how dare of him to challenge his own religion.

These are all if or else logic to me. I did not take many other factors into account, to simplify my reasoning.

Anyway, I have long been not into Dr. Anwar favor. He has the charisma to become the PM but... my instinct is just too hard to ignore that he, shouldnt become one. It is difficult to explain.

The next question should be, if not him, who should be the next PM?

Disclaimer: This post is just reflecting my personal and private opinion as a Malaysian, and it is not to influence anybody in the process.


headsteadi said...

should i eat keladi or potato? keladi, hmmmm, potato, hmmmm, keledek lah better ...

btw, he's not a Dr yet. why no? if proven that he loves young buys backside but he can still perform and develop the country, i'm not interested with his bedroom story ...

p/s: watch out 4 my scheduled post on sep 6th ;)

headsteadi said...

young buys = young boys

Sumuk said...

He is a Muslim isnt he? how can he go against his own religion teaching? kan religion is also a big part of our country. unless kita tok di US, maybe acceptable. mun nya sik cukup religious, aku sik kesah.

it's not about gay/bisexual/morality anymore. its the ability to keep his thing in his pants and follow even the most basic teaching, and manage (not rule) the country as he should be. there are other equivalently good leader around, but that would be a different story..

Anonymous said...

well...don't underestimate how far UMNO can go to ensure their own survival...so paying Saiful lots and lots of money to frame Anwar is possible... if based on this reason you don't support Anwar, then i have to disagree with you cause personally i think the other way round...it's a set up to frame Anwar...

But i will agree with you that he might not be suitable to become PM cause actually he has nothing to prove on what he can do yet... even based on the past...when he was in UMNO, did he really do anything good? so this time, that's why i say i will give him the benefit of doubt and he will be as good as his promises...since no one suitable can become PM now...let Anwar try once and if he fail us... he will kena another political tsunami as well...

Sumuk said...

sorri kev. that is not all of the reason i did not support him. it is just to simplify my reasoning. i dont think people will be interested to know the rest :)

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