Thursday, August 21, 2008


gtalk on 21 Aug 2008, 11:49AM

babai: oo muk
u called?
u left ur fon is it?

me: yea
babai: muk
my shirt like twilight zone lah
half iron half not
new fashion lorrr

me: ha?
which one ur wearing?

babai: brown one
me: aik
babai: correct ka?
me: how come?
babai: like that lah
me: i made sure i iron properly lei
babai: i tell them new fashion mah
its ok
me: which part?
babai: front
me: which side?
babai:right side
me: omg
babo (senile of me)
sori bai..
my mistake

babai: its ok muk



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