Friday, October 10, 2008

All Jumble Up

Just to let you know. For one whole next week, I'm gonna be very busy. Hopefully I could make one or two Scheduled Post just so that nobody gonna forget I ever existed. Before I started crunching the numbers, here's my recap of random things that currently happening, or going to happen soon.


Malaysian MotoGP 2008 is just around the corner. For those bikers and enthusiast who's going and who haven't made up your mind, listen to me. Just loose the extra 5kg! You don't want have your ass as big as the bike's when you ride on it. By the way, I don't know whether that's possible to be done in 1 week time. I just started jogging and skipping my dinner *uwek* last Tuesday, and I'm less by 1 kg already hihi! If I were to continue doing so, hopefully by next week Friday Babai will not asked me to get a cab to go to Sepang Circuit by myself, instead of riding with him :(

Note: I got my riding boots already, so now only need to look for riding jacket yeay! Safety first!


Yesterday on the way to JB, we dropped by Machap R&R to have our lunch. Before heading towards the cafe, I went to the Ladies to get a relief. After I came out, I went to the basin near the toilet entrance. As I walk toward the basin, there was this one slim Chinese lady wearing a black flowing dress went out ahead of me. My of my! What a leg! And nice red panties! The whole rear part of her dress was tucked nicely inside her panties! The view shocked me so much it did not even crossed my mind to call her before she exposed her ass to the whole world to see. Oh well, actually I was standing there with my mouth gaping like a retard as I appreciated the view. At the same time, she was approaching her husband, so I thought why not leave it to the husband to discover. I was thinking too, if I were to call her, she would have to turn 180 degrees, thus revealing more of her asset to the guys who were standing at the walkway! Even more damaging right?

What a Toilet faux pas!


This is a short note of issue on Penan girls in the remote and logging area of Sarawak. Without having to know them, in my heart I know that the story is true. You might want to ask why is it that none of them go to the police to report the rape?

Few of my reasons are:
a) It is still a taboo to talk about sex, rape, incest and the likes. Therefore, those community affected rather keep mum about it, or just ask the girl to marry their rapist to avoid shame.
b) They, or rather we Sarawakian as a general, are very skeptical of the system. I trully understand what their tribal leader means when they say 'we thought that nothing can be done'.
c) All of us know who the business belongs too. Sarawakian outsider can never imagined how powerful is the guy who rules us. Therefore, what can a girl who cannot defend themselves against a rapist, to defend themselves against one of the most powerful ruler we have ever seen?
d) Ignorance. In fact, ignorance is too strong and harsh word to use. To put it mildly, uneducated and ill-informed are a better choice of word.

I really condemned our local leaders who just easily trying to brush-off the story. As usual, swiping dirts under the carpet. I know how scared they are.

Read further thought on this by fellow blogger-One Other at The story with the Penan women...


Babai went back to Kuching last night, and only be back tonight, together with his parents and baby sister. I'm hoping very much that he will carry with him great news from the Land of Headhunter/Hornbills.. fingers cross!


Nuffnang Celebrity Halloween Party - The Silent Halloween brought by Nokia is gonna happened on 1st Nov 2008! I thought I want to give it a try to fish for an invitation. Let's wait and see, I need to come up with something scary soon. Err.. does the news of our PM not contesting for UMNO Top Post is scary enough? Hihi.. Depends on how you see the consequences ya..
Read more info about the party here

The End.


Tikiyung said...

The White Hairedes is too to fight him? Any suggestions?

cdason said...

My jumbled comments...

Can't imagine how embarassed the lady would... If she's hot.. That would be a real eye piece for guys..

and for the penan issue.. well, WHO TRUST OUR ROYAL MALAYSIAN POLICE?? They only go after the small time criminals.. but let go the big hard core ones, especially when they are alone..

Pity the girls.. Hope things would improve. At least now people would start looking into the plight of the Penan's.

Sumuk said...

cdason : i'm sure she was very embarrassed, and I do feel guilty of not extending my community service by doing what i was supposed to do. i don't know the front, but the rear looks really good though :D

tikiyung & cdason : it is just the tip of an iceberg. let's pray that more things gonna be discovered from all this. blessing in disguise...

tikiyung said...

betul noh...I'm not even mentioning bout Bengoh Dam victims.

Sumuk said...

Bengoh Dam story pun sudah senyap sekarang. ne ndak, our own Bidayuh leader either semua got no balls, or everybody is trying to take care of their own 'rice pot'. nobody really honestly want to defend us. syok sebab boleh dpt byk pencen. kalau byk bicara, sure kena kick punyala, mmg cannot survive...

tikiyung said...

what we can do is use ur right as a registered voter. should spread and encourage all the new generations to menunaikan kewajipan sebagai rakyat sarawak. state election is next kena cepat2 jumpa SPR!

Sumuk said...

yep. sure thing tikiyung. people in other country are dying to fight for their right to vote, so we should appreciate ours!

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