Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Getting Sick, I Think..

Saturday, 11 Oct 2008

Last night picked up Babai and his family from the LCCT at midnight. Once we reached home, I couldn't wait to hear his story, so while his parents (uncle and auntie) and sister were sleeping, we had a quiet chat outside the house.

Babai actually went back to Kch for an interview (he's gonna strangled me if he knows I put this in my blog). I was so happy to hear that the interview went so well, and he had left such a big impression to the company. I am soo proud of him :) Anyway, they couldn't meet the figure he had put up eventhough the offer they made on the spot was actually far exceeding what he is earning now, minus the benefits. Nonetheless, we both agreed that he would not take the offer, unless they can match closely with what he was asking for. To me, it would not be impossible for them to reconsider and contact him again if they really appreciate his potential and value. Fingers cross again! We finished our chat at 3.30am.

Woke up at 7.50am. I had to send Babai to Putrajaya ERL Station, as he has to work today from 9am until 9pm. Some convention going on. Had breakfast prepared by Babai's mom (hehe.. me so shame).. then sped to ERL cos I was already late for work too. As this is second week Saturday, I'd be working half-day. In the office, I started to feel my eyes bulging out from the socket, my nose itched and I started to sneeze repeatedly.

Came back from work, I joined the parents and sister for lunch. Afterwards we went to HKL to visit Babai's relative who had a transplant recently. On the way, we swung by Ngieng's house to give him and the wifey Mee Kolok. Had quite a bad jam at Jln Tun Razak. All of us had such a good time laughing away at Gotcha Segment by in the radio, while moving slowly in the traffic. Thanks for entertaining us when we needed it :)

After the visit, we went to Subang Parade cos we were going to have a celebration dinner at Overseas Restaurant. Somebody was awarded the Datukship title :D. Congratulation to Datuk (Uncle Ken) and Datin (Makya), you deserved it! Must be an exciting moment to get use to be called Datuk and Datin now ya? :D

While waiting for the dinner, we had a simple snack at Uncle Lim's Cafe. As we have another 1 hr to kill, auntie and sister decided to have manicure, while I opted for pedicure. Auntie picked up the tab :p, thanks a lot auntie! Uncle as usual went to MPH to bury himself in the books.

When Uncle Ken and the family arrived, we proceeded to the restaurant. The dinner went very well. The food was good, too bad there was no champange to celebrate, but we make do with red wine. We have nice chat with Uncle Ken's family. Too bad also that Babai couldn't join us. As of 9.30pm, he was just finishing and he decided to stay in the hotel and will only be back in the morning. As we were chatting along, I felt my eyes became heavier and I started to have runny nose. Sigh.. I don't need this.

At 10.45pm, we headed back to Seri Kembangan. My stomach became upset, and I had to stopped by at the Petronas station. I was worried that the wine might triggered my gastric, but after the trip to the Ladies, I felt better already.

Reached home by 11.30pm. Fed Jake and do some house work together with auntie and sister.

As I write this entry, I feel so sleepy and my nose become worse. Tomorrow going to drive parents and sister to Midvalley as they want to do some shopping before heading to Paris this Monday. Hopefully I'll be well enough to attend my RCIA class at SFX tomorrow.

I better get some sleep now. Chow!


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