Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Was That Close...

Once upon a time while filling up my testimonial, I told my second grade teacher I wanna be a stewardess.

The first time she heard that word, she asked me, "what's that?"
The second time I mentioned it, she asked me, "how to spell it?"
The third time I was asked to repeat it, I said, "I want to be a teacher, teacherrrr!"

Teacher she wrote. End of story. There goes my dream of being on a blue blue sky adorning Malaysia Airlines body-hugging batik uniform.

Well, not exactly. I had never forgotten though that little hope that one day I would be called a stewardess. But my self-esteem was so low I was so scared and I had never mentioned it to anyone anymore. By the way, nowadays they prefer to be called flight cabin crew. Don't ask me what's the difference, I got no idea, shoot me.

One day donkey years ago, I dunno out of boredom or out of curiosity, a very good friend of mine suggested that we shall go to try out an interview. I asked her what was it? I was in my final year waiting for my result to come out, while she was already actively job hunting.

When she mentioned that it was for Singapore Airlines flight attendent, I gasped with bewilderment. To think that someone would even consider I was fit for a stewardess interview was enough to make me look into the mirror at myself unbelievingly. I don't think I'm pretty at all. Oh well.. maybe different kind of beauty :p.. *excuse me I don't want to sound depressed in my blog ok, give me a chance haha*. But there were so many other girls who are so much prettier and good looking than me were clamouring for that job.

Since she was very pretty herself, I don't think that it would be a big deal for her. But what made her think that I was proud enough to be able to drag myself to be judge by a bunch of people, by my physical appearance? Along with hundreds other beauty at that? What if we didn't make it? Shame one whole village you know...

In fact, the reason why I finally agreed to go along with her was because I was so impressed with her. Anybody who doesn't know her would think that she is meek and helpless with a pretty face who would cry in sporty games like The Amazing Race. But what people doesn't know about her is that beneath all that physical appearance, she is tough and steely fine lady who sometimes scared doing something which I myself don't even dare to do, but she would do it nevertheless. She never let her fear and inconfidence get in the way. She was so inspirational to me that whenever I felt doubt creeping into me, I would think of her. If she can do it, then why not me?

After some deliberation, I put on my favourite tight red top ala 'Mis Tres Hermanas' and a black slack (another sign of insecurity. Miniskirt is prefered for initial interview), with heels as high as possible. As we went into the hotel lobby, there were many other girls who were so beautiful, taller and thinner with skimpy cloth, made up faces and hair. Of course, both of us felt like turning around and forget that we have never even seen the advertisement. But we decided that since we have gone that far, we should find out what was it all about and someday we might have a laugh about it.

Before the briefing started, we had a screening test. We were line up to be measured, and was asked to take off our high heels. So my heels seems to be useless after all. When my turn was up, the guy on duty quietly put a ruler on top of my head against the measuring post, and mournfully declared, "thank you for coming..."

Uh huh. Thank you for coming. I could never forget that. Oouch.

While putting on back my shoes, I asked him what was the height requirement, and what was my height. The requirement was 158cm. Guess what was mine?

157 cm. Another 1 cm.
1 cm..
That close, man.
Who should I blame now?
My mother?

Anyway, while waiting for my girl friend to be measured, I was hoping and praying that they would considered her for her looks and body physique despite her height. At least one of us could have made it. I do honestly think that she had what it takes, and I definitely have seen some stewardess around who were shorter than me.

She did not make it. Maybe for a fact that I look so dejected at the corner looking at her that the guy with the ruler was afraid I was gonna throw a tantrum if they allowed her to sit-in the briefing. Haha.

While walking out the door passing by the hotel door-holder boy, he turned to his friend and we heard he murmured something like "oh.. these must be the rejected one". Aiseh.

Yea.. we were the rejected one. We knew that. But at least until today we are proud to say, "we are that close. Sooo close..."



lvynana said...

huwaa..tukar gambar lain eh..takut kuk ninga boton noh....

Sumuk said...

ala.. bukan slalu.. tutup mata jak baca posting ya.

lvynana said...

;P tutup sebelah mata

Sumuk said...

At least we did give it a try, kan? I'm still glad I did :D

Tikiyung said...

mcm Miss Fuyutsuki versi Malaysia jak...hehe! follow ur dream...almost by mere 1cm.

Sumuk said...

muehehe...biasala kerja gila huhuhu!!

One Other ... said...

Vague? Cute! we women are known for being VAGUE. Haha. And your teacher should go back to school.

Hey thanks for dropping by. Impressed with urs too. Shall we link? :-)

Sumuk said...

One Other : add vain to that *wink*

sure, why not, nice to read urs :D

cdason said...


if it makes you feel any better.. stewerdess and people serving you coffee in Siang Siang is no different... The nature of the job is the same..

Just that is classier..

anyway, interesting post!! hehehe

Sumuk said...

cdason: got... got one difference. Stewardess speak in English.

"Coffee? Tea? or Me?"


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