Monday, October 6, 2008

Question of The Day

So how's your holiday?

What did you do?
Where did you go?

Oh ok. I see.

These must be the question of the day, huh?

Sometimes I feel pretentious in having to ask these question, without really having the interest to know how other people really spend their holiday. Or maybe it is because this is a difficult time for most of us, that I would have expected the answers would be the same "uh.. huh.. doing nothing. just shop a bit.. sleep a lot.. watch dvd yadda yadda yadda.."

What is it exactly that I wanted to say here, you may asked me?


I will be free for the whole week yippieee!!! I will be chatting, blogging and forumming my heart out, and nobody is gonna disturb me in the office, at least until next Monday. So my point of babbling above is just to show you how free and bored excited I am, I can talk nonsense in my blog!!!

ps : Takde idea sebenarnya kuikuikui!!!


headsteadi said...

so u have time then to cook something special for babai and demand for 1000 kisses as well :p

Sumuk said...

brilliant idea..
but babai 'tak hairan' with my cooking lerr..
he can always google for the recipe hikhik..

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