Saturday, October 4, 2008

English Roast Pork

Ok this is another new category that I'm creating. It's a Food Review, but hey.. this is different. It's not any other people's cooking, it's Babai cooking!!

Oh yes! Babai is a good cook. I had always wanted to put up foods that Babai have specially cooked for me. I would rate my cooking to be bland and 'oh so-so' only, but it seems that Babai has inherited her mom's sharp and exquisite sense of taste for food and a knack for proper food presentation. Hmm.. lucky me I guess :p

On rare occasion, which is hardly any particular occasion by the way, Babai will just call me out of the blue and reminded me not to cook for the day, as he will be in a good mood enough to show off his cooking skill cook for me. I like to brag about his cooking to other people (and I think he actually, 'wants' me to put it up on my blog shhh....), but I never remember Babai ever repeating the same cooking twice, except for local dishes. And that is why I wanted to keep it in my blog for the record.

Not that I've ever been oversea, but whenever Babai cooked Western food, the anecdotes and the stories that accompanied the food always make it taste great and the more romantic. Sometimes, I would even get history lesson, such as when the time he cooked Spaggheti Carbonara for me.

Ok enough of the mushy part.

Niway, I came home today and I could smell such a nice wisp of herbs, cheese and sweet smelling onion coming from the kitchen. Wow, Babai must be doing something new that I've never tasted before.. at first I thought he was getting a pizza, but when it came out..... Tadaaa!!!!

English Roast Pork with Baked Potato. It was cooked to perfection. The pork were so juicy and taste like heaven, and so does the potatoes. Ah sorry I already ruined the photoshoot, I just couldnt wait to give it a go!

Steam French Beans and Carrot with a dash of herbs, salt and pepper.. fresh and crunchy..

And the secret weapon, Cabernet Sauvignon Wine.. Ah I liked this one. It made me wanna sing "smooth operator.... smoothhhhhh operator..."

I told Babai this cooking was his best I've tasted so far. I love it so much muuuaaahhh... I give you 4.9/5 star babeh! *wink*


Desmond said...

4.95? Wow...that is delicously good. How not to gain the extra 5 kg with that cooking?

headsteadi said...

i'm sure that it taste as good as it looks. just had crispy pata here in manila with liver sauce. hmmm ... must learn how to make the liver sauce too :)

Sumuk said...

Desmond : He 'forced' me to eat it, otherwise I wouldnt be able to rate it :D haha.. that's why it's never my fault ;p

headsteadi : wow! ur in manila already? show me what this pata looks like pls.. I'm very curios.

headsteadi said...

crispy pata >>>

Sumuk said...

hei.. that looks like German Pork knuckle. Does it taste the same? or is it differ in sauces?

lvynana said...

sodap nyer..minta recipe :D

Sumuk said...

*the answered below is not suitable for underage reader. parental guidance is required*

lvynana : ogi oku soba mitia.. tapi dia minta 1,000 kisses before he reveal the recipe :p kinek tok belum cukup 964 kisses agik. mun dah cukup kelak ku madah muahahaha!!!

headsteadi said...

depends on the restaurant. same makes it good, crispy on the outside, tender inside. some keras macam batu. but the sauce is that makes it or break it ...

Sumuk said...

headsteadi : oic. tapau some of the sauce a bit la.. we can taste ramai2. or if not ask the pinoy lady to teach u lar.. ala 1,000 kisses no hal, to be continue next trip pulak.

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