Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From Paris with Love. Not!

Why all out of sudden am I talking about Paris here? Well, this is the very reason. Because I somehow know deep down I will not be going.

We have been anticipating and very much involved in this project since last December just before I left for Christmas holiday. 5 months later, the project has not been finalised as there were tonnes of technical document that needed to be submitted to client. Now that the part is over, our management now is going through the other parts of documentation such as visa, work permit, lodging etc etc. The LOI supposed to be finalised today and the study team shall be leaving for Paris by next week (yea,, i heard that before. huh.)

I was one of the highly recommended candidates (I'm not trying to show off believe me) to go for the design engineering study, but I've been having a mixed feeling about going. It would be for at least 3 months, and I was so worried whether I would survive without rice the whole time (duhhhh... haha). Not just that, there were so many things to do prior to the wedding, and I had already made myself clear that I need to be in Malaysia no matter what from September till December.

However, we were having another major consultancy job in Singapore which had been going on since end of 2007, and started to hibernate since July 2008 due to delay in the overall schedule. Last month however, the project kick-off again, and I was one of the very few key people (actually me and my boss) who knows the overall picture of the scope of work. Since the tender exercise shall be commencing from now until January next year, my boss does not have any choice except to keep me behind. Most of the info is either in my laptop, or in my brain, and he would go bonkers if I am not around *scratching my head*

I am actualy already 'mentally' prepared to go to Paris since 2 weeks ago. I was not so excited to go, not even until now. Surprisingly though, I was kind of sad when I heard that I will not be going this morning. Not just because I will not be able to see Eiffel Tower, which is listed among the few things I wanted to do before I die. But its because of the chance of exposure to this kind of project which does not come by easily. Not forgetting the 5 figure allowance that I will be able to get by the end of the 3 months on top of my monthly pay. Oh ya. Since it would be difficult for me to find rice and we would be spending most of time at work, I guess I can loose weight easily prior to our bridal photoshoot :D

Anyway, in the interest of the company, I don't see any point in sulking as I always believe God has better plan for me. Of course I have missed so many chances handling oversea job except Singapore, but I guess the opportunity will come again soon. I'll just say good luck to my juniors who were equally dissappointed that I will not be joining them. Hope they'll make our company proud and return with more knowledge to be shared with us. Eventhough they say I still can enjoy going to Singapore, I don't see any fun tagging along behind my boss :(


Willie said...

Consultancy business seem to be doing well especially when your company gets overseas deal. I believe you will get the chance to go there someday. I dream of going there too because my wife was there before. She said those people over there don't speak English. Bangga giLos dgn bahasa mereka.

amieyalen said...

wa... so busy ar you... :D if me, if got that kind of chances, I will for sure go for it... but if i am married, I'd better stay than going.... Its hard to survive when you're family is leave behind... but if for fun, I'd really love to go... once in a lifetime!!! :D you don't i replace you? how i wish dapat kan? LOL

Sumuk said...

willie: ya la.. bila lagi maok dpt chance kedak tok. not everybody can get it right? but what to do, after everything falls nicely into the plan, there were still last minute thing come up that turns thing upside down. but that's ok though, there's no point in regretting for too long :D

amieyalen: one of the reason that i was not so excited to go was because of Babai too. He gave me his blessing, but he kept complaining nobody is going to iron his cloth anymore! :D.

anyway, with this latest development, i don't have to worry about the timing and coordination of my wedding stuff anymore

nur enjel said...

dear Paris dear ....Paris...huhu ..sik apa la like you said ..god has better plan for you...personally , i think your case has something to do with the disadvantage of knowing everything and being so good at work ...(boss sik mauk jauh dari kita mun kita bagus gilak ):)

Sumuk said...

hihi.. melepas aku.. sik apa ho.. sedih sekejap.. anyway, betul la.. byk gilak tau pun susah. bukan sbb kita tau semua, but becos kita udah senior, so bos pun arap kita lebih compare to junior. kita maok cuti pun daknya susah hati, ada jak AL last minute kena tarik balit.

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