Monday, December 22, 2008

I Can't Get You Out of My Mind

Wow.. it seems a bit quite everywhere I go. Err.. I mean going to other people's blog. Tikiyung is already back to Kuching, One Other is skipping happily to Sabah, MadWitch is enjoying her Kolo Mee and Headsteadi happily letting go of his Japanese mistress while he's enjoying himself back home! It felt so difficult to wish everyone Merry Christmas while I myself still stuck in here.

Argghh!! Couldn't wait for my turn..

My annual leave was actually approved almost a month ago. I don't want to give my boss any reason for asking me to delay my trip back home again. Last June I have missed the 'rombongan meminang', something that I will never go through again in a life time (God's willing). I was in Singapore in the middle of a meeting when one of the historical event in my life was happening elsewhere in Kuching.

I was mad when I knew that my leave was delayed, but I did not say anything to my boss. He thought that I was eager to go back because I wanted to celebrate Gawai (he think I'm quite old and too professional *roll eyes* to be sentimental), but he was shocked to find out the truth when we were on the way back to KL. Needless to say, he apologised profusely, but I think I earned another level of respect from him that day, but.. at the expense of my own personal life. Tsk.

Today, once again I got a request, not to delay, but to shorten my leave. There is a big oversea tender coming in, and we have left with 9 working days to work on it. I squeeled in delight quietly because I'm counting the hours errr.. 40+ hours from now.. to go back to Kuching. However, I felt slightly sad because I will not be around to join in the buzz and hypes in the office. Yea.. big tender doesn't come in everyday, and eventhough it can be very tiring and can test your sanity level especially when it's nearer to the deadline, it produced such an indescribable satisfaction. A tender as big as this can also help to increase my bonus rate. Then again, I have a very important thing to do in Kuching, and this is so much more important than my Gawai trip last June. Whatever my boss say to me, including offering First Class MAS flight back to KL to compensate my ticket, I have only one thing to say, "Sorry boss, not this time."

Nevermind, they can survive without me.

Another 2 days another 2 days another 2 days....*whistling*...

Urghh... I just can't get this out of my mind!!!



Willie said...

Hi Sumuk,

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your leave. There's no better place than our own hometown right. I will be on leave to beginning 25 until next year. I do not know whether i can blog during my leave because i will be away to kampung with no phone coverage and no internet. Will be spending lots of time with family and relatives.

Your company must be receiving big clients and they come at anytime. I think that's the nature of your business. Dat's y it's difficult for you to take leave. Once again, i feel pity on you. Be patient yeah.

Sumuk said...

The one who can survive without me is the company hihih!! I am going back to Kuching no matter what..
By the way, enjoy your Holiday!

Hamidah Mohamad said...

Its been rather quite for the last few days. I guess everyone is spending their holidays somewhere.What mee is that you're showing in the picture?I have quite a poor internet connection here in Sibu.

Sumuk said...

Kak Midah,
Yep. I'll be out of coverage for a week plus myself. Am going back to Kuching today yohoo!!

Sumuk said...

oh by the way it's a Kolok Mee Sup! Slurpp..

One Other ... said...

Hello hello sumuk! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Everyone's on leave. :-) From the blog too, it seems. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sumuk said...

Ello Dayung! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Ah macam mana ni. sudah ada tol sebelum masuk blog u?

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