Thursday, June 5, 2008

Delayed Celebration

Gawai Dayak fall on 1st June every year. But here I am in KL. Nowhere near Kuching. Im half an ocean away.

My delayed leave was almost not approved today. In frustation, I told my immediate boss that they can just reschedule my leave, but in condition that they pay me back my flight ticket to/fro Kuching. Im still in probation, and I cannot just simply objected to their request, you see.

Luckily after praying so hard for few hours, they managed to arrange my colleague from one site to come to replace me in the office next week, as I am still full time on Singapore project.

I'll be busy like a (mouse?) this next few days. Which in fact I have hardly seen daylight since almost the last 3months I am here. In a way, it is good I don't have to spend money doing 'at-the-spur-of-the-moment' shopping on my supposedly free time. But I guess money saved cant just compensate for the time you rest and be with your loved one.

I miss Babai today. He'll be back from Kuching by tomorrow Friday. Uweiii.. can't wait... (for my mee kolok!! )


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