Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome Home..

Before I get lazy and start looking for excuses not to write about this in my blog later, here's the brief of my trip back home from 10th June to 14th June 2008.

10th June 08 (Tue)
Immediately after the internal meeting following the presentation finished at 6.30pm, I headed to Rochor Road, Singapore to get a taxi to Plaza Seni, JB. There were already 3 passengers waiting. Lucky me, otherwise I got to pay SGD40 all by myself. Woodland Immigration checkpoint was very jammed, to the point of suffocating. I couldnt imagine having to go through that day in day out. Finally reached Plaza Seni at 8.30pm. Picked up by my Singapore branch colleague, Sue, a Sabahan girl. It was my first time riding in the new Proton Saga BLM. Hmm.. fairly decent car. Had bak kut teh before heading for her apartment in Tampoi.

11th June 08 (Wed)
Woke up at 4am. So dead worried I was gonna missed my flight. Couldnt get back to sleep, so I got up and showered at 4.45am. We went to Senai International Airport at 5.15am. Reached there at 5.45am. After seeing Sue off and check-in my luggage, decided to check-out the airport. Lots of shop yet to be opened. Headed toward Marry Brown to get my breakfast, but then saw a food court next to it. Had mee+meehoon+fried egg that cost me RM6.50. Well, at least that's better than Airasia RM8.00 nasi lemak. Airasia 6.55am flight was on time. Reached Kuching International Airport (KIA) by 8.15am. I love the announcement made by the pilot, on which they never did for KL-Kuching flight,

"..Welcome to Kuching. For Kuching folks, welcome home.."
Welcome Home. It never sounds better than that.

Since nobody gonna pick me up, I decided to feed the adventurous spirit in me by taking public transport. Havent done that since 10 years ago when I left my boarding school in Petra Jaya. Taxi from KIA to 7th Mile (Kota Sentosa) which is about 3km away, costed me RM14.50. Expensive, but that's the nearest place I can go to catch a Kuching-Bau bus.

At 9am, it was already scorchingly hot. Waited for the bus in front of the Kota Sentosa wet market. Lots of people who just finished their morning errands, waiting for their rides too. Few Ah Peks were busy chit-chatting among themselves. While waiting and tried minding my own business, I saw a stray cat happily helping himself to a big fresh fish. I tried to look for the possible source. Then I noticed an opened plastic bag on the bus stop floor next to one of the Ah Peks leg, containing similar fish to the one the cats was having. When I made the connection, I shouted to the Ah Pek,
"Kucing makan ikan hor.. (the cat is having a fish!)"
When the intended Ah Pek turned his head towards me, I immediately pointed to the cat behind him.

That moment, all hell break loose. The cat, knowing that his deed was exposed, ran helter skelter. The Ah Pek shouted in broken Malay, running after the cat and tried to get the fish back. It looked very comical and hilarious. I couldnt help myself, and I stifled a laughter. His friends who were amused by the incident started to laugh too. When I looked around, all the other folks who were standing nearby, and even the street sweeper, had joined in the laugh. Some who didn't, managed a shy happy smile. The Ah Pek, who gave up chasing after the cat, cursed and laughed at the same time.

The early morning laughter that we shared was sure a great way for me to start my holiday.

Welcome home to myself.

To be continued..


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