Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cute Puppies for Adoption

I didn’t realize that Nancy has been pregnant (not again?!), until we heard little whinings originating from the house behind us, which was occupied illegally by the Burmese from the construction site nearby. I have never seen her going around with a big belly this few months.

One night last week, one of the Burmese who have been feeding Nancy all this while, called me. I was feeding Jake at that time. He asked for our help to feed Nancy while he went back to his hometown for 3 days. I took that chance to take a peek at the puppies. And there are 7 of them altogether, and so adorable!

We didn’t realize until it was too late that the Burmese have actually left the house for good. No wonder their backyard which was normally unkempt, has been cleared off all the junk that they had brought back with them.

Last Sunday while Babai went for his weekly bike riding session, I went to the back and took with me 3 puppies to play with. I gave them warm bath so I can get to kiss them :p

Look at them. Aren’t they the cutest thing??

See the fat bum-bums?

Yet to shower..

Kiss me please...

Golden boy and girl..

Wet and ready to be kiss :x


Cuddling together after shower..

Hey.. this laptop feels very warm.. Nice...


Hey.. Im good!

If you are interested to adopt these puppies, pls email me or leave your comment. I cant bear to think sending the puppies to SPCA etc, cos I'm pretty sure they are going to be put to sleep. The puppies are very clean, Nancy has taken care of them so well they dont have any dog lice. They are about 2 weeks old, so it will be roughly another 4 more weeks before they can be taken away from Nancy.

You can make appointment to see them. You are also encouraged to let your family, friends and relatives knows about these puppies by referring them to my blog at

*Editor's note:

This posting has been updated. Pls read The End of Nancy..


i blog / u read said...

cuteness. r u giving up some for adoption? here in miri we have this group with dogs; forgot the name. here's the link http://www.nightwatchk9.com/index1.htm maybe this site might assist u in some way.

btw, how's yer gawai celebration? fyi, my blog is auto-update till june 19. all the entries i were made long before i got back here in miri knowing that i dun have internet at home hehe have a pleasant day.

Sumuk said...

they are very cute right? sooo adorable :x

i didnt celebrate gawai, cos i was away, have to cari makan la. i went back kuching on the 11th june anyway.

how's ur internship? is it interesting?

Robb said...

i'm really sorry sumuk.. the email you sent was not supposed to be manned anymore. I just checked in case there's anyhting important in it today and it seems to me it's too late for me to help out during last night's event.

i'll pimp it in my blog post as i'm personally a dog lover as well.

Sumuk said...

Hi Robb,

Its ok. No big deal. That's what I thot too. And i know ur a dog lover from ur posting too :)

Anyway, thanks and I hope these puppies can be taken care properly by people who can. I think i better start campaigning for Nancy castration soon too :p

Anonymous said...

they r soo cute! i am looking for a puppy and these are pretty good! ill talk wit my parents and see if they r intersted! thx 4 the pix!

Sumuk said...

Hi andsassy37,
Im sorry to tell you that Nancy and her pups has been taken by the council. Pls refer to my updated post here


Thank you very much for your interest, and God bless.

Anonymous said...

i really love your writing taste, very attractive.
don't quit and also keep penning as it simply worth to look through it.
impatient to look into more and more of your own stories, cheers ;)

CrazyCutieAgnes97 said...

Hi ... these puppies are very cute .. my dad is willing to adopt one but he likes to know if you're giving them for free .... thanks for posting the pictures.... the puppies are very adorable (:

Anonymous said...

Hi , And my dad told i can adopt 1 maybe , but all i need to know is that are they for free? If yes then ill think and tell my dad , please ans me soon.

Ann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann said...

Hi, can i know if its free ? Im from sarawak. I would like to adopt 3 of those. How can i know how is the procedures to adopt it? :)

Anonymous said...

do u stil have puppies that i can adopt?

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