Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yes! I got my first Nuffnang Invitation!!

Yeayy yeaaa.. yeayy yeaa...

I got my first invitation to Nuffnang event on my very first try yeaaaaa!!!!!

Im so excited! What am I gonna wear for that event?! How am I gonna carry my bulky laptop? I dont have portable modem? Does Maxis provide wireless? Will they give away the portable mini modem later??!! Hahaha!!! Im so excited!! ... But.. no invites for Babai la.. I have to go alone ler..

The winner of the dress and blog categories in the event will have something to bring home. The best prize, which goes to the King of the Jungle & Queen of the Jungle (Best Animal Costume) is Dell XPS M1330 laptops. Awesome! But.. yea Sumuk. Dream on. I got creative brain drain as usual when it come to this stuff.

This event is organized by Nuffnang, sponsored by Maxis Broadband, and the official venue is at Modesto's Sri Hartamas. More information can be found on Nuffnang announcement from this link

See my post that I've submitted for the invites here!


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