Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Jake says:
I heard Nuffnang is going to have a Wild 'Life' Blogging event.
Sponsored by Maxis Broadband summore.

ah.. hah.. sorry Nuffnang. I don’t roar..
I wref..wref..

But can I go?
Bolehla.. *wink*

I know I look more like a cow than a dog ..wreghh..
And my butt is as big as Plus Highway.. See what i mean??
But my bling-bling is real nice.
What? Did you say I look cute in it? Of course la. I know long time oredi..
I can come and show you personally.
So I see you there? Can?
Roger me ok.


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