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DCHL- Family Destroyer? - Part 2

Continuation of DCHL- Family Destroyer? - Part 1

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When I managed to see him, he tried to explain what was he doing. But he just couldnt. So he asked his friend to explain to me. Then the guy start talking about DCHL. About MLM. ROI. Lamp Berger. Marquis, Duke, Baron etc. Saying that he is earning 5 figure every month becos of DCHL. What crap is he talking about, when he could only afford to stay in a dinghy hotel, and even I have to pay for his drink? That friend, who so happened to be my junior, talked like he is so well versed in business, so much more than e.g the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong!

To cut the story short, I tried to persuade my brother to leave whatever he was intended to do, because I have seen all this MLM scheme come and go, and there are always victim in the end. And I wouldnt want him to be in the statistic.

I've been trying for a month now, keeping tab on his activity. All my family members has advised him not to continue, but he just refused to listen. I discovered that even his trip to KL was paid by my other brother who couldnt take his non-stop phone calls any longer. I called my mom to find out that she has been having sleepless night, worrying about my brother who has changed in character, and he took out and use his own meagre saving for something that he is not well versed on. When I scolded him for borrowing money that way from the family members, as we ourselves worked so hard for it, his answer was

" Sorryleh.. oku pun doik maksudku yoh nai wat noh duoh ingan. Oku doik pernah maksa osi2 dak ngin bogo2.. Kudu de tapod ne tulung..Ku terima.. Kan de tapod pun oku idoh maksa... Botul karik duit pun bukan sonang..pakke PINJAM DUIT PUN BUKAN SONANG..TERPAKSA BERKORBAN..DOIK MUDAH NE SOON DAANG SEKELIP MATA. Itih cabaran de paling ayuh..samada berani ke doh.. Yoh kaya daang biz tih bkn mudah..Poit terpaksa ne noron ne.."
(" Sorry.. it wasnt my intention to treat you all that way. I never force anybody to give in big amount... What u have and u want to give, I accept.. If you arent able to, I cant force. It's true, its not easy to find money.. but TO BORROW MONEY ALSO IS NOT EASY.. HAVE TO SACRIFICE.. NO SUCH THING AS EASY MONEY. That, is the biggest challenge.. whether dare or not. To be successful in this bisnes is not easy. There is a lot of bitterness you gotta face.." )

That is just pure cr*p!!

I suspected very much that this is what his upline, and the seminars he went to has been teaching him.

I am not good at persuading every body not to join. But to make u aware of this and warned of your family members about it is enough for me.
You can find anti-DCHL website so that you can make your own judgement. Be very careful when your children/relative started asking slightly more-than-usual money to join a biznes. Pls help to educate our org kupuo (villagers) also about what is MLM, so they dont fall into the trap easily.

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Note: Pls refer to my updated post on this issue RZ Corporation is Now Illegal.



Anonymous said...

To be honest, MLM is a very hard to understand business field. Let me give you and example, if we both open up a kolo mee stall, my stall got the most customers. You just can't blame the food industry or the kolo mee business. It's just maybe that your kolo mee taste slightly different from mine? Or how you manage your marketing strategy, customer service, and so on. So, blaming DCHL or MLM industry isn't the correct way. I'm not saying that you're wrong there, but you have to think on the business prospective way rather than following what you actually feel.

I hope this helps. Thanks you.

Sumuk said...

Dear anonymous,

You mean business 'perspective' do you?

See, just because MLM is in the textbook, does not mean that it is legal through and through. Ah long is also a business, but can you say that it is a legal business? What makes it different than banks? Bank is also lending money right? Gambling is a business, and it is not legal in some places. At least Magnum 4D does not asking for RM2500 from people to be able to buy 'opportunities'.

There is no point for you to ask me to look into the business perspective when I have fully understand, decided that it is deceitful, and make a stand not to follow it. You might say that it is my brother's choice, he is old enough to make decision. But it is my money and my family money which is being sacrified for what you believe in. We do not want to be involved in the first place.

I believe if the other kolo mee does taste good from mine, I have no problem accepting the fact that yea, maybe something is not right with the taste. But if I make a marketing strategy, customer service etc so much better than the other guy, but my product is in fact almost non-existance and even worthless, dont you think it is cheating? Well, unless you dont really care cos you are so busy making money that you forgot others may suffer from your cheating. At some point, people stop coming to your stall, and in the end, you are only depending on the people who have invested for you to setup the stall, by them eating at your stall to make up for the possible losses. Unless they want to look for new investors to replace them.

I am quite amused of how DCHL members trying to show such example e.g mee kolo etc to make people to see that this MLM is ideal and logic. Please, I know better than that. I would like to debate on that, but it is such a waste of energy. Just hope that you grow up and stop thinking that people like us are a bunch of losers and know nuts about business.

Again, for your info, this blog is not to teach my readers to think from the business 'perspective' as you mention. If they want, they can click all the Google MLM advertisement that appears along my posts to learn about business and MLM. This blog is based on my personal opinion and experience, directly or indirectly.

Anyway, thank you for dropping by. I still appreciate it.

Kevin said...

the problem is, DCHL is trying to make it look like a legal business because there's actually a transaction of product, but it's definitely overpriced. You pay RM30k for a position (baron? forgot liao la) and then you'll end up with lots of the lampe berger oil products at your doorstep. So what's next? Try to push the product to your downline la.

But in actual fact, how many ppl actually using this lousy product? Among my friends, none at all !!! So clearly, those oil lamp and products are used as a medium to roll the cash among members only...

a few years back, my friend kena brainwash as well and he's also very confident about this. he told me that this buisness is very good as it does not involves selling the product... makes me damn confuse buy a load of products and then u don't have to sell it?

now it make sense to me...just pass the product down to your downline la... the one at the end will suffer... pay thousands of dollars and have a lot of crap product stashed inside your house...hahaha...

Sumuk said...

Too bad lots of them are dissillusioned by big promises and lies. Its bad enough that we ourselves got involved indirectly when have chosen not too.

Anonymous said...

Refer to

Anonymous said...

emmmm...wat so big deal??? if u dun wan to join,dun join sumuk..your bro wanna make a change,let it be..u said,it's ya money..y u giv ya bro borrow ya money?

Sumuk said...

Hello stupid anonymous. 'wat so big deal?' :p

ermm.. another stupid comment coming from stupid peole who cant read and calculate. ur still not happy that rz license has been revoked eh? if the business is good, why on earth the government want to de-licence them. think again la bodo! inila org bodo yg i jump u jump. makan taik pun nak ikut jugak bodo.

anyway, at least im not the one who lost thousands of money to this business bodo, not like u people hahaha!! i told u sooo!!! plain greedy and stupid... may people like u rot in hell.

thanks for coming by the way. at least tambah sikit traffic aku huhuhu..

Sumuk said...

sudah kena tipu pun masih tak sedar sedar lagi.. serve u people right lah.

Anonymous said...

KDNHEP link for reference (latest up to this date).

List of biznes license which have been revoked:

List of biznes license which is legal/allowed:

You'll find RZ Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (DCHL company in Malaysia) is listed as LEGAL MLM biznes, and the license is given for 5 years: 29.11.03-28.11.08.
Maybe next u're gonna say KDNHEP has been bribed to give them the license. Ah well, just create more n more points.

SumukBabai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sumuk said...

haha.. when every did see at one point rz corporation licence was suspended, nobody fr the LB dared say anything. and suddenly all out of sudden, *poof* , the report was gone fr the KDHNEP website, and RZ has denied that they were in the revoked listed ever.

First, they deny the whole thing as if it never happened, and secondly, they even showed the website, and counter-show and said 'nah! we were never listed. And this denial only dare come out after they settle back their licence. All people who are smart enough will know that there is something fishy there. *roll eyes*

You guys go ahead la with your stupid business working your ass off looking for your stupid downline who believe you. But if you people cross my or my family path again, it will not be the end of me you'll see.

Why do I bother argue with stupid people? *sigh*

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