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DCHL - Family Destroyer? - Part 1

Dear friends,
This is the posting I wrote in another Bidayuh Forum, Ja Ata Britong recently (yup, this one does not delete my posting.. )

I have posted about this before in another Bidayuh forum, but the moderator there are very quick in deleting my posting. I hope that a lot of you take note of this issue here. If anybody does not agree with me for any reason, please let me know.

Have you heard of DCHL? DCHL is an MLM. They are very active in recruiting new members especially young people in Bau/Kuching.
I do not want to talk about the company to avoid defamatory posting. To be fair to them, pls go to their website at for further info.

What I wanted to say here is that, DCHL has almost destroyed my family. It all started when I received an SMS from my only younger brother which goes as below, word by word;

"Oku ogik masalah tih. Ku yok perlu pakai duit 2500. Perlu tih". ("I'm having problem. I need RM2500. Desperate.")

Let me brief you about my brother. He is a very moderate person, a father-to-be, and happy just by working in Kuching. He never did any thing drastic in his life.

So I was surprised to receive his SMS, he just never asked for any help, esp. monetary. At first I was suspicious, and I immediately called him to ask his purpose for the money. I expected him to explain further about his situation, but all he said, in a robotic way was, "I need it urgently. I'll explain later." True, he never asked money from us before, but for the same reason I felt I couldnt let him down. Since I myself needed money, I could only forked out about 15% of it.

One month later, he told me he was in LCCT. I became mortified. What was he doing here? He must have been brainwashed just to make him come out from his cocoon. I became more suspicious than ever. I immediately called one of my niece to find out what was he doing in KL. But she also told me that he had asked money from them. That includes my parents, my brothers and sisters. My parents are old, but he had been pleading, to the point of begging and being very persuasive, that my mom has to take out her hard earned money she saved in ASB for him....

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kev said...

please remember to share your story here as well...a very good site related to LB

Sumuk said...

Thanks for the reference Kev.
I've added it in my links.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t expect that this thread is still alive after so many months since I posted it. I would like to hereby make a conclusion to this entire furor over the legitimacy of the whole Lampe Berger thing.

First of all, my conclusion is totally made up of my own opinion, and it might not suit your way of looking at the whole thing. But I hope you do not take offence or feel that I am in any way saying what you think right now is wrong. All I am hoping is that we look at this whole agenda in an objective manner, and if you ever start feeling uncomfortable as you read through this post, click the “Close Window��? or “Ctrl+W��? button immediately, and we can still be friends! :-D

Okay, here goes… Firstly, I do not want to condemn the way Lampe Berger is going about their distributing or recruiting scheme. If someone is making profit out of it, fine. If someone is enjoying the process of distributing and recruiting using the scheme, fine. As for me, after looking at the grand scheme of things, I have personally concluded that to use such a scheme to achieve my personal financial freedom is not aligned with my personal guidelines.

You see, this is a personal choice. I can neither make this choice for you nor for anyone else. You need to check with your conscience and if you think your decision can make you sleep soundly at night, than it’s the right thing to do.

Many of you might say that some people are brainwashed into joining the scheme, but how can one be brainwashed without being actively involved in the decision making process. Let’s not go into hypnotism here, we are here talking about adults who have learn enough about how to differentiate whether an act is helping others or harming others. So, for those who are brainwashed, you must already have the intention inside of you before you can make the decision to do something.

Back to the issue, I would like to point out that this scheme is neither evil nor good. This scheme only becomes evil if some greedy individual make use of it to victimized other individuals to achieve his objective.

This scheme is good if it’s used to distribute a product with the intention to reduce cost and increase efficiency so that more people can enjoy the product at a reasonable price.

Once again, the good and bad of this plan do not lie in the plan itself, but with the executor of the plan. If you have no idea whether the execution has resulted into something positive or negative, just listen to the feedback of the people who has joined the plan or used the product. This should give you a very good standpoint to judge your action and also to review if you should continue the cycle again. Judging can also be very difficult if you do not posses the necessary experience and information, and hence it is better for you to seek advice or opinions from people who are more knowledgeable than you and of course, whose opinions you respect.

I would like to re-emphasize my standpoint; I do not want to condemn this “marketing plan��?. I have personally used my own “guidelines��? to evaluate the whole scheme and have concluded that I am unable to accept the way this scheme works and hence if I’d join this business, it will make me a very unhappy person. No doubt, some people are making tonnes of profit from it, and that’s good for them, and I hope they are able to give as much as they’ve received. As for me, I can still achieve my financial objectives through a different channel, while enjoying the process of getting there, which is exactly what I am doing now.

As for those people who had been “lied to��? or “scammed��? by this plan, all I can say is learn from it. Yes, you can complaint and rant about it for the rest of your life, but if you do not learn why you had been “scammed��?, then you will still be scammed again by some other scams that comes along the way. There’s nothing worst in life than making the same mistakes over and over again.

That’s about it, my conclusion on the whole Lampe Berger agenda. Like I said, do what you wish with your money, nobody can stop you. My only advice to you is, do not just look at the all the nice promises and gimmicks you see with your raw eyes. Take a step back, ask yourself:

Sumuk said...

If someone rob a bank vault, and they made money out of it, and because of that the bank vault owner is suffering, do you still say that 'oh. let's just let them make profit. i don’t get anything from it, because i didn’t try robbing it myself'.

There are to some extend we can do something about it, and sometimes not. if u choose not to, then who cares? I’m glad that at least some people who made research first are able to have two sides of stories.

Again, u always misses the point. What u said is only applicable to me and u and some other people who really understand, but the thing is I am still involved in a way when I have CHOSEN NOT TO. How? Because they got my brother! Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry I’m talking abt here. And it was our money, not his! For the decision that he made, our whole family were dragged into it. And for that involvement, thus this blog came into. So give me a favor, I know where you stand, but my blog is my own story and if it can help people to make ‘INFORMED’ decision, so be it. Let them make their own decision. I am not persuading anybody as I believe most of my readers are smart enough if they have come this far reading this comment. If because of what they decide make their family suffered, then don’t tell me I never said so.

Try look at this website
Here you will be able to find so many similar experiences as mine, and I do recognize and relate to them. You might realize how much damage they have done. This organization cheating has spanned for years, and government did nothing to it. I don’t want to speculate why. But anyway thanks to blog, I could at least tell my personal stories here.

Do not expect this thread to die away. As long as there is Google Search, readers will keep coming and reading my post  So good luck to them!

By the way, thanks for coming back. you are welcome again here in the future.

Sumuk said...

'This scheme only becomes evil if some greedy individual make use of it to victimized other individuals to achieve his objective.'

There you go.

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