Thursday, May 8, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I was looking for this item for about 1-year now. Last Sunday, I saw this at Giant Hypermarket Kinrara. The price shown was RM157.90. Babai encouraged me to buy it since I had excessed from my car tint budget. Eventhough I wanted it badly, and even scared it will not be there the next time I come, my instinct said to wait first. I merely said to Babai, 'no. this is not the right time'.

I was right. On my weekly trip to Singapore last Tuesday, and this time via air, I browsed through the Duty Free shop, electrical appliance section, and I found this

with a price tag of S$45. At current exchange rate of S$1=RM2.33, you do the math.

Well, isn't it such a good deal?


lvynana said...

steady leh..okuk raan geh, kuk raan dek pakai nek straighten noh sija. arouk doik masa yak odi survey.

Sumuk said...

bah nen.. de sg wang bogo leh. murah so de area de bokon. mak mirih vidal sassoon neh, doi paguh. mirih de ogi temperature setting nyaa.

oku mirih de spore sobab yok mmg mit jenama panasonic. oku rasa de kl mmg retail price, so standard price leh.. lagipun panasonic iyoh ogi steam compare duoh de biasa.

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