Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jake is 6 months today!

.. Isnt he adorable? This was how Jake looks like after his first ever shower, on his first day with us.

How can we expect a puppy as adorable as this can become a MONSTER some day??
(Well, sorry Jake. I exaggerate that.)
But nevertheless we love you very much

Happy 6 months old my cow!!!
(Or is it 2 years old in dog year?)


shutterhero said...

handsome eh~
let Jake know that you are blogging about him. let him see his photo online.

Sumuk said...

O shutter. I cant even make him sit still for 2 seconds, let alone make him read my blog! Huhuhu...

shutterhero said...

i rmbr you mentioned about having a new car and testing it. so how was the new car? have you drive-test it?

Sumuk said...
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Sumuk said...

shutter : i blogged abt it in frenster, only for friends knowledge like you. Dont want people to say i'm show off lah haha..

but so far i love the car.. i hope i dont have reasons to feel sorry to buy it. And hope this time the car will decide to stay around longer.

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