Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotcha, you s*x maniac!

I couldnt take it anymore..grrr..

At 11pm yesterday night, the orgy behind our house had started earlier than usual. When the dogs started to howl right behind our house, I overcame my disbelief at another sleepless night and planned for a revenge. I went downstairs armed with Babai's camera. You wait haa doggies...

I went to the back, open the backdoor and grille. Jake was surprised to see me that late (he was watching his first season of mate-trimonial. Nice show huh, Jake?)

So this was what i managed to get;

Disclaimer by author: Pls do not try the action in the picture at home.

Try guess how many of them there based on the reflection of their eyes?

Beside the pair, about six of them became the spectators and cheerleader that night. They were circling the pair. The moment I climbed the fence to take the photo, they scattered away, leaving the pair behind. I guess they were surprised that all this while all the neighbors in the area have never disturbed their private party. Suddenly last night they were disturbed by an amatuer 'paparazzi'.

After that photoshoot, they left the scene and did not make any sound anymore for the rest of the night. Hah! Finally!

P/s: Doggies, if you are reading this, serve you right! Now your private orgy will be circulating in the internet muahahah....


Puteri said...

Thanks for reading and recommending my blog to your friend!

Too bad you guys can't even own a BB gun! If dogs try to have an orgy behind my house, they'll be in for a big surprise! Bang! Bang!

Sumuk said...

Puteri, you are welcome. I do love your blog, i enjoy reading it!

BB Gun?! Luckily I did not have to go to that extend yet, cos the camera was enough to 'shoot' them with! :D

Puteri said...

Haha, I guess the flash from your camera was enough to be spook them!

My father used to keep some stones on his balcony. During mating season he would throw those stones at the dogs who were making such a ruckus in front of his house!

Too bad about the BB gun. It would be fun to shoot at the dogs! Heheh.

Sumuk said...

Yes Puteri, I had wanted to do that. But as i know that my throw is not steady, Im worried I'll be crashing somebody's window instead of the dog :D

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