Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gayu guru gerai nyamai..

I wish to say :-
"Selamat Ari Gawai,
gayu guru gerai nyamai

to all my families, friends and readers who are celebrating Gawai Festival in Sarawak, which fall on today June 1.

I feel very lonely at the moment, cos I'm not able to be with my beloved family. I missed Christmas last year, and I miss Gawai for this year too. So sad.. Babai has left for Kuching by 4pm flight today, leaving me alone sulking here :p

I'll be going back to Kuching on the 10th -14th June instead. I managed to grab the 'Free seat' promotion by MAS, which I only need to pay RM240 in tax for return ticket. That is such a mind-blowing bargain I can't believe my luck!

But fate as it is, my office was willing to buy ticket for me from KL to Singapore to Kuching, cos i still need to attend a meeting there on the same day. Too bad i had bought the MAS ticket, otherwise I could at least saved RM120 there!

Anyway, it does not matter as I still be able to go home to see my folks. And i just got a new grand-niece yeay...


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