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Mee kolok and DCHL

I have received a comment from an anonymous visitor regarding my post on
DCHL – Family Destroyer? – Part 2.

Since my reply is quite long, therefore I made a full entry out of it.


Dear anonymous,

Thank you for dropping a comment here. It’s a pleasure to have you around.

The problem with people who are involved with MLM is that they thought they are the only one who understand pyramid scheme, MLM, and also business in general. And they always try to explain to us who are 'clueless' about MLM and business by giving examples such as mee kolo. Pyramid scheme and/or MLM is not that complex as any might think. But I do not want to go into that, this blog is not for that purpose.

Nobody said that MLM is wrong. MLM is just a business concept. However, do not forget that DCHL is made out of bunch of people. The doubtful way of DCHL and their distributors conducting their business is something that we are talking about here. From your example of mee kolo (instead of McD ;) ), you might be a DCHL members yourself, but if I am wrong, please assume that I am writing to one. Don’t get offended as it is not targeted to you. It is also come from my very personal observation reading on the various replies and comments regarding similar topic in other blogs.

In my opinion, the problem with DCHL is that they are not giving enough guidelines to their distributors and franchisee on business conduct and ethics. Only when the ministry starts to give warning to them based on public complaints, then only they start to issue public statements in their website, but not to the mass media in general. This is obviously a half-hearted attempt so as not to damage their business further by bad publicity. What they seems to be doing is that, 'as long as the authority does not make noise, just go ahead. Make money.'

You do not have to give me the kolo mee or McD example, nobody says that it’s not true. But when there are so many lies, big promises and vague or even doubtful 'products-whatever that might means', being pushed to you, then it is close to deception. I never heard Avon or Amway directly selling 'opportunities' to their user?

What kind of product is that? ;p

By the way, I am only being sarcastic there. There is no reason for you to start explaining that -Avon does actually let people to have the opportunities to those who want to be their distributor- speech. If you want to sell your lamp, just sell it properly. Do not push to us a business 'opportunity', especially for those who just can’t afford your exorbitant fees using their own means. It is wrong when you teach them that it is ok to get the money from your family and relatives, and not to tell them the purpose in case the family unwilling to give. It is not OK! This is amounting to extortion and lying. But DCHL is very smart though. Instead of extorting the money directly from the families, they used the franchisee’s instead. Of course nobody try to send their own children/brothers/sisters to jail just because they borrowed RM2500. Then again, just imagine how much money DCHL is making from hundreds or thousands of disillusioned people who thought that this is the opportunity of their lifetime.

If you are marketing about your product, please present a proper catalogue. Don’t sell us your ‘opportunity’ by using only ‘air liur’ (saliva). ‘Opportunities’ that you are selling does not amount to product, unless you call yourself a motivational speaker. You are manipulating your knowledge and squeeze people by asking them to loan from every source imaginable when they are obviously does not have the mean to do that. By doing that, then you are no different than the ah longs. Ah Long is also doing business. It’s not an MLM, but it is still a business. But what differentiate ah longs from the bank is that they are illegal because their business conduct is illegal in the eyes of the law. What differentiate DCHL distributors and ah longs is that, DCHL taught their to-be franchisee to ask money from their family, relatives and friends, or make a loan if they can’t afford it. But ah long instead will ask money directly from their family if they need to.

When you give impression to people that you are making so much money in a short time by showing off your cars, please lah. Everybody can do that also. I know one couple Lamp Berger distributor who are buying a Toyota Vios with RM6500 as downpayment and 9 years loan. And they can’t even go to proper bank because their names are blacklisted. Luckily Toyota themselves have a loan scheme that does not consider black list by Bank Negara. By their day job, I can easily tell that they are actually having a hard time servicing the loan. They don’t own a house, but they do have a pretty car. Im sure you can’t show people where you live when you are doing your marketing right? The easiest way is by showing off your car. And I can imagine other people who falls into this, will also be doing the same thing later on. Marketing babe.. marketing…

What I am also trying to say here is that, if you go to that extend to do your marketing and sell your business and product, there might be something wrong with your product. You are not confident enough that the product will sell by itself eventually. Mee kolo stall owner does not need to flash their car to give the impression that they are successful because they are making money from the mee kolo. The special taste itself will make the customer to keep coming back without any persuasion.

When you start to make that kind of loan, how much at the end of the day you are actually making from you ‘selling opportunities and Lamp berger’? What is the nett? When you are working that hard to be a salesman by approaching people and produce that kind of hardwork, then I can tell you, I am happy with my current job. I don’t have to go to that extend to have your nett earning too ;) The only thing is that, I don’t make any enemy, not that kind of heartache, no broken families, friends who trust me, and I can still see my beloved at the end of the day. My life is not as bad as you thought.

This kind of MLM who are depended heavily on selling 'opportunities' will only survive as long as there are people who believe in it. It is clearly a pyramid scheme. Do DCHL register and describe themselves to the Ministry as a company doing pyramid scheme? I dont think so. Amway may also have a pyramid scheme, but they do not depend on it, and nobody is making lost from a RM25 lipstick. But not DCHL.

Think about that.



You can view the comment made by Mr/Ms anonymous here .


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recent entry. I hope you won't get offended by my comment earlier on.

I don't want to make this as complicated as it is now, let's just forget about the kolo mee, or whatever examples that you don't agree with.

I'm NOT affiliate with DCHL but I do know after doing research on bunch of other MLM companies including DCHL. For your information DCHL is formerly known as RZ Corporation with registered license. Digital Crown Holdings Limited is a company with it's own product line. Well, I'm not going to explain about the products as I'm not trying to "recruit" or "sell opportunities" like what mentioned. This is just my two cents.

If you ever heard of the Steady Global Network (SN), Steven Yeam Network (SYN), Taiwan team, etc. Those are the non-profit organizations that actually run the business. They have their own Marketing Strategy. Again, DCHL is just a company. I understand how you feel about your bother's situation. I felt pity for you and your family. Not every business will go as we like, that's why I'm here to share you about my thoughts in this topic.

Sumuk said...

Dear anonymous,
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I was not offended at all. In fact, your previous comment was exactly what I have been waiting for.

It is good that you have made the research because I too have done mine. Every single thing that you have mentioned, including about DCHL, I have gone through and understand. MLM is a smart business model, but it is prone to abuse.

I agree, we don’t need to discuss about MLM here. I am assuming most of us already know about it. If they like to, they can always google it. But NO, DCHL is not just a company. It is run by human beings who breathe, eat and think just like us.

Thank you. Hope to see you around again.


Anonymous said...

What I mean was DCHL is a company which of course run by human beings.

That's why you need to make it very clear which "human beings" approached your brother. If his "upline" telling him to start borrowing money that's just unethical at all. Blame the individual rather than the business model or the company itself.

Best regards.

Sumuk said...

I did not blame the business model.

And i still believe u dont get my point too.

That is why it is called a pyramid scheme. Where does the upline comes from in the first place? It is from his/her own upline. Then there must me a mastermind who actually started the whole thing, knows what is going on, and did not make the effort to stop it. This mastermind also is the one who create the company, does the company itself is liable for each of its members action based on professional business conduct.

Take one for example. Remember a case where one young millionare was killed by a concrete mixer which dropped from a building under construction? Do you think they only charge the crane driver? or the owner of the crane itself? No. Its the main contractor who was being held responsible. They actually have the power to humanely possible, to prevent the whole thing to happen. Pls check back same cases similar to these. All or most of the company was being sued as the first defendent.

Pls check the Malaysia's company law if you dont believe me.

Think again.

Nice having you around.

Soe Tugau said...

Sumuk or Grandma,

If I don't succeed, the very first person I look it is myself. I will take time to reflect on and re-examine my weaknesses, my strength and determine ways and means to improve in order to overcome my weak points. In anything that I do, it is very important to have a positive outlook and take positive actions. I will refrain from the blame games as it is self-defeating. Afterall who will look up to a loser; a sore one at that. To be successful at any endeavor, we need to be humble and learn from those who are successful. Keep it mind that "Success is not a destiny but a journey". So make the best out of this journey and see you at the top. Wooohaa......haah.

Sumuk & Babai said...

Soe Tugau,

You speak exactly like my younger brother once spoke to me. Almost word to word huh! Come back to earth will you? Later if you drop, your fall will gonna be darn painful!

I wish my brother have done exactly the same thing as what he said long time ago when he was still studying, so that he could have been rich by now and my mom would not have been having sleepless night.

'Afterall who will look up to a loser; a sore one at that'.

Dont bother say it here. Try say that to your own parents please. They would have been very 'happy' to hear that their own son/daughter said that they are losers who did not work hard enough, that it makes you as their child have to suffer and work their ass off in whatever you are doing now. and it's all because they are sore bunch losers, dont you think so?

Thank you for coming by my blog. You have just adding on to my traffic here :)


Soe Tugau said...

You mean your poor little brother said EXACTLY like what I said. Maybe he did not practice/is not practicing what he preached/ preaches especially with NO encouragement from his BIG sis. How is he doing now?

Well, drop or rise it will be me to decide and determine. I believe we should meet one day, in future if you are willing. Do not hate me, please. I'm just another ordinary guy with a big mind. Again, please do not mix this up with arrogance.

Oh no, please do not bring our elders into this petty discussion. Kita patut senantiasa hormat dengan orang tua; ibu-bapa, uncle-aunty, Pa & Ma-inlaws, atuk-nenek, dll. Nanti akibatnya "TULAH".

Sorry, I still believe that success is a journey whereby we learn to be a better person especially in how we treat our fellow beings; we learn from our mistakes; become wiser esp avoid being dupe or conned. Success require some struggle, determination, perseverance along its journey towards clear set goals.

Thanks for welcoming me to your blog

Sumuk said...

Yep. Almost. Only different language :) I kept all his super long sms as a reminder to myself.

First of all, if I have treat this subject as a petty matter, I would have not waste my time blogging abt it. There is nothing PETTY when it comes to my family.

My brother also said I did not give support to him, just like what u said. So my deduction is that u must be one of them. ur one of an upline who told their downline all the things my brother have told me.

If u have really read my post, you would have known that I do not approve what he did, especially the part he was begging for money from my family members. Look, it was not just the RM2500 he has to spend on the membership/franchisee thing, but also his food, his flight, his accomodation, NDO, ticket etc. We are not rich people, we live moderately. It is not our norm to ask money that way. And we already advised him, if he want to do it, wait until he has enough money on his own to start his own business, or whatever he likes. He have talent in professional cooking, and we have encouraged him to pursue it so much that every one of us is ready to chirp in any time for his sake. But not this. So plss, dont tell me we are not supportive of our own family. You know nothing about us.

If one goes against their parents wishes, isn't it TULAH also? Dont simply think other people like us are loser just because we did not tell others we have desire to succeed. How do you measure your success btw? By being as successful as Steven Yeam your idol? Go ahead. For me, no thank you. I rather work in my office and not accumulating enemies, debt, distrust and curses from other people. I just couldnt live that way.. im too kind to cheat other people's money, if you get what i mean.

Pls bear with me for being very emotional. This matter is not petty at all. I live not to be like. I just do the best I can, whenever I can. So if you please, ur still welcome in my blog. Just remember, Im still the one who hold the 'delete' button. Nobody can delete my posting anymore like what happen in

Dont worry. I dont hate people for no reason, except for someone who backstabbed me, or someone who cheated my money. As u can see, the difference between me and other bloggers who touch on the same topic is that I am not really anonymous. My face is there in the profile. Honest to God, of course Im worried for libel suit, but if it does happen, they gonna be infamous too.


Think Positive said...

Dear all,
For the past few weeks I have been doing research on MLM businesses. Indeed, it was shocking to find all the information and posts about MLM on the internet as the majority of these were all negativity. There's even a site stating how this woman failed in a MLM business but now she is selling a book on how she found the secret to success in MLM.
So in actual facts who are these people writing posts and holding petitions against MLM, DCHL, AMWAY etc?
To be honest, all I’ve been reading is "MLM is a scam, DCHL are cheats, break families..." on so on.
I am a realist; I believe that one person’s outcome is the result of their own decisions. For instance, why did their family’s relationships break? Why did they lose friends? Why were they unsuccessful in this business? Yet it has been proven people have become rich through MLM. The only reason why friendships and relationships could break is when a person joins into this business and having a sole mind set of only making money they only think they need to bring or “recruit” as many people as they can and by this they’re only seeing dollar signs on everyone’s faces. They keep pressuring their friends and family to join and in some cases use bribery, such as “if you’re my friend then join”. Their actions are of their own faults, am I right? A MLM business does not teach them all to break families, if they do, then my research has been incorrect. So ask yourselves honestly, whose fault is it. The same person could join any business and for the same reasons have the same outcome. Why people in this business keep pressuring friends to join until their friendship is destroyed is beyond my understanding.

For all those who don’t understand what a business is, any business requires you to put out a sum of money, if you open a McDonald’s or 7-11 store you would still need hundred’s of thousands of dollars to begin, and your return on investment is over a few years before you start to profit. If your friend open’s a restaurant and asks you to be partners with him in this business, you would still need to put out a percentage to be partners. For any business that does not need you to contribute money is not your business. It’s someone else’s and therefore you have no say and you are only working for someone else. Your income is set, and if you’re the type of person to be in debt all the time, then nothing will save you. DCHL is a business; you need to work hard to earn money. For instance, this person I know joined DCHL six months ago; he borrowed money from the bank and within 4 months repaid all debt and earned his first few thousand dollars. By the end of next year, his income earning will be over a hundred thousand dollars and he’s only eighteen. So who scammed him? And who is he scamming now if the process he went through is exactly what everyone after and before him will go through as well? From what I have researched, the people who fail in this business are the people who give up, the people who find it to hard to endure because it’s not an easy business.
This business is not about joining to make money instantly, it’s about hard work being payed off. Having said this, I must point out as well how a person succeeds here will also depend on which MLM. AMWAY for instance I found is rather unfair, taking the larger percentage of a sale commission but there are other company’s such as DCHL who only takes 31% of sales and that is the lowest profit a company could take, 30% is to maintain a business meaning that if a business takes 29% of profit it could not sustain itself and result in the businesses collapse. That’s rather fair of DCHL. It’s a matter of whether the company are being fair to the people distributing the product. AMWAY is far from fair to the people, but still it does not make them scammers either. They put out a business opportunity offer and they decide if they want to take it. That’s business.

I am a person of facts and I look at all angles of a situation, so by telling me that a friend broke their bonds does not justify to me it is the result of MLM.
I decided to write this post after every post I read is just saying that MLM, DCHL scam, liars etc. but no one could really say why or what the company is doing to scam people. So what are they doing, what do they say? I’d really like to know, please tell me.

When you don’t make money from a business is not due to the company. I know a person at eighteen years old making more money at his age than anyone his age ever could. There is no pyramid scheme; if everyone has the same opportunity to benefit what the person at the top of the chain can benefit, then why is it a scheme? The person on top makes money from the people on the bottom, but the person on the bottom makes money from the people on the bottom. However, the person on the bottom has no one, you say right? That’s because he just joined into the business and need to start making he’s own network. What if there’s no one left to join? That’s theoretically impossible, unless the world runs out of people or women stop giving birth. If you ask me, there’s more of a pyramid scheme in every other traditional businesses out there: the boss is on top of the pyramid and you’re stuck at the bottom helping him make money and earning less than 1% of he’s income.

Who has been in DCHL long enough to say that this business are scams with evidence?
How has SYN caused people to be deeper in debt? I have seen DCHL’s market plan and there does not seem to be a feasible way that they could become deeper in debt, (remember what a business means) perhaps the person started gambling and lost all he’s money.

There is no where on the internet I can find that there is a ground argument for MLM being scam. Many sites I have seen shows references to their arguments but their references I check go to another site where there is still no real legitimate publication, meaning it’s just another person writing their own thoughts. So where is all this controversy going?

Research does not just comprise of internet searchings, also use you’re intelligence to analyse a situation. I admire everyone’s efforts to help each others, but it’s disappointing to see that the people here have failed to use their wisdom to seek truth out of something; rather they just talk what they hear, write what they think.

So after writing all this, what is the conclusion drawn?
Please, tell me and everyone else out there where the problem here really is.
Thank you.


Sumuk said...

Thank you for your opinion.

Sumuk said...

Stop using Mcdonald example. They dont just give business to any Ali, Ah Kau and Ah Chong. Beside financial, there are so many other criteria u have to fit into in order to become their franchisee. Not like DCHL. Got RM2500 or not? U can have ur own bisnes oredi!!
I've heard abt the 18-yr old boy. How many of them who really made it like him? Im sure he got so many indirect victims also at the end of the line. One of it might be your own loved ones.
Btw, your study is from internet only is it? And u believe it all? Good luck la.

Best Regard,

Anggur Masam

Sumuk said...

To anybody who are still coming to this post, pls refer to my update post as below..

Anonymous said...

Now six years already from last comment. DCHL still run nowadays but no more SYN or Steven Yeam. It's run under RZ Corp itself. I had bit memory in DCHL twice not only once. First time I knew this MLM when I joined it myself in 2008 but stop when my family don't like it. Sincerely I dont like it myself because it involved money game. People first and product as completion. Second time this DCHL kisk my ass was this year when my fiancee joined it as a count, quit her job as a nurse (nurse is a good job because its responsibility to help people even cant buy ferari) and no way to stop her. I try any means but i failed. Damned head hunting scammer. Yes, DCHL not MLM but head hunting and money game scheme. Really make money but not ethic business.

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