Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wish List 1

I've created a new category in my blog, which is My Wish List.

My first one would be he..he..

A motorized bicycle!

Yep. Every Malaysian knows about it. The price of petrol has increased from RM 1.921 to RM2.70 effective from 12 midnight tonight! I received the confirmed news at about 5.30pm. Oh my God, I had only 7 1/2 hrs left, and my fuel is left 1/4. I straight away filled up at Kesas highway on my way back. Luckily there was alot of pumps available at Petronas station, eventhough the queue is quite disheartening for someone as impatience as me.

Right now, a motorized bicycle sounds to me like the best human technology ever made...

Today traffic was exceptionally slow at Kesas Highway, people driving like mad, impatience flared everywhere. The stress level was obviously high. I must be thinking the same like everybody else. Where are we going to fork out that extra money for the increase?

But there is nothing I can do about it. It is a fact of life.

What are the things that we might be possible to reduce fuel consumption?
Some that I can think of and tried before was

1. Take possibly the shortest route possible wherever I go. That will require you to use few possible route, take detail note of point to point mileage and compare it later
2. Driving without aircond? :(
*Babai told me, might as well I take out the aircond compressor and sell it
3. Driving below 3000rpm/90kph?
4. Use Shell (because of its extra mileage advertisement?) hehe...

Do you have any method that you have tried, tested and workable before? Share with me please..

Or else, does anybody want to buy my car?

1 month old, nice number, lady driver, accident-free
lots of TLC.
Reason to sell : Owner wanted to downgrade to Motorized Bicycle.


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