Thursday, June 26, 2008

The End of Nancy..

I got back quite late. I reached home at 10pm.

Babai was not here. I went straight to the kitchen, preparing Jake's food. I spared some extra for Nancy, as what we have done since the Burmese left her and her puppies.

While waiting for the microwave oven to finish heating up, Jake started to whine and barked. It doesnt sounds like his usual bark. This time it was quite deep, louder yet there was a kind of sadness in his barking.

At that moment, Skib, our housemate went down to fill up his drink. He must have heard me fussing in the kitchen, that he came to me and said "The puppies are gone."

"What happened?"

At first I thought he mentioned the Viet took them.

"They took Nancy too."

"It's ok then. Those Burmese indeed came back for Nancy."

I felt relieved. I felt that they are finally in a good hand. Until Skib said;

"They were wearing uniform. I think if not because the backdoor was locked, they could have taken Jake too."

"What?!? You mean they were vet? Not Viet as in Vietnemese?"

"I think so."

I felt like. Killing someone. But who? Who is the culprit?

Was it the neighbor who just moved in behind us 2 months ago?
Or another neighbor who own the house on the other side of the neighbor above?

I felt so lonely. I think that's what Jake felt too.

Im crying. It's been so long.
Im so sad..

Babai just called me. I told him about it. And he was equally upset by the news he went home immediately.

I couldnt bear to think what are they gonna do with Nancy and the puppies.
I hope those who have conspired with this, will die a difficult death.
It crossed my mind to kill my neighbor cats, if they were to have any in the future.

But that's just not me.

R.I.P to Nancy and her puppies.

More photos from my previous entry Cute Puppies for Adoption.


Anonymous said...

i woke up when i heard sumone shouted kedak org mauk gaduh then i saw 4 guys wearing maroon T-shirt trying to catch the black dog..just mampu nangga from my room ,they tangkap all the puppies and i really feel sad & sik sedar ku nangis.Anyway..sabar ok sis.

Shad said...

hey, i'm so sorry about your dogs..i hope u find the heartless culprit.
take care

Sumuk said...

Ivy: im glad u saw what happened. At least we know abt it. It is so heartbreaking not to see them anymore. tq very much..

Shad:thank you.

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