Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pimp My Blog

Argghh... Im getting bored looking at my blog design. Now I realised that it is one of the most common free Blogger template used around. I have wanted to learn the HTML and CSS by myself, but I have been so busy I couldnt find the time to sit down and try it here. Been bugging Babai for few weeks now and made him promised to do something about it. Hope he doesnt take a light year to fulfill his promise..

Talking about a good blog design, I dont find many blogs that really struck and impressed me, until I found out about this guy who called himself Shad. I do not get impressed easily, but this guy really made me speechless. I dont really talk about other people's blog, but Shad's blog deserved every bit of respect that I can give to someone who are young with creative mind, and yet he just started blogging last April 2008! IMHO, his blog is almost perfect, the background reflect his taste, not cluttered with advertisement, simple yet done with a lot of thought to it. I just couldnt get over his denim theme I just go gaga over it. You should check out his blog at

Plus, this dude is such an extreme animal lover he even have tapir for a pet!!
(By the way, he's the guy who dressed as the elephant terrorist that bombs only bimbos (not again..) jumbos in Nuffnang recent Wild 'Live' blogging party)

Since we are on this topic, I realized I have been blogging publicly for 4 months now. If I were to rank myself in scale of 1-10, I can say Im only 1.23. I received good constructive critism so far, and I will strive to improve myself all the time.

As a rule, I try to maintain my own blogging style (as if I have any bluekk..). and not reading too many blog for reference. However, I found out abt two days ago, another blogger has somehow wrote such a similar post to mine, which was my live blog post from the Nuffnang party. The keywords and the sequence so eerily similar I even felt guilty of copying her instead . I do not know whether she did copycat me. But if she does, should I be proud about it? Anyhow, her post and blog sounds a bit tad depressing for me I did not bother to leave a message to her. To that girl if she happen to drop by here again, my advice to you;

If you have any comment on how I can improve my blog be it graphical or content-wise, kindly let me know as I will listen to each and every one of it.


Shad said...

hey, i'm so flattered! haha thanks ya

Sumuk said...

No prob dude. Hope to see u around..

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