Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9 Things Your Colleague Can Do to Annoy You

What does your colleagues can do to you to annoy you and makes you feel like stomping on their head?

Among my lists would be those who;

1. Treating the office phone as their personal property-
A colleague who just have to call somebody, and talk loudly as if the office belongs to their grandfather.

2. (refer to #1), and treat it like a shrink-
The person who gave each detail to the other end of the line, of their family histories, their problems and assets that they are having, their marriage problems, their financial etc to the oblivion of all other colleagues in the office.

3. Playing the radio/mp3 loudlyduring office hours-
And sing along with it from 9 to 5. Plzz la, if you can really sing, you wont be here ok..

4. Bring Nasi Lemak into the office-
and eat on the working table while everybody was busy at 10.30 in the morning. Not everybody like to hear you munching and smell your food while you are eating when we are so *cough* busy and hungry you know.

5. The one who spend hours on the internet, even when you passed by-
And have the nerve to tell you that he/she not able to finish the assignment given when the deadline was informed a week earlier, because he/she unable to finish the ‘other’ boss assignment. That’s crap duhling!

6. Left their papers at printing & photostating area-
For months…

7. Leftover their food in the pantry’s fridge –
For months… uwerkss..

8. Grabbed the office coffee, milo, teabag and mineral water home –
Oii.. takdak duit ka? (Oii.. got no money arr?)

And last but not least…

9. Peed on the toilet rim cover -
and left their treasure (gold) for other people to discover….yaaaaikkkkkksss…..

If any of my colleagues happened to read my blog and this post, hey.. you know who you are eh ..


Anonymous said...

U should put no.10 jue...Chipsmore-sekejap ada, sekejap hilang...fonsus

Leong Yi Yang said...

very very true... i hope everyone read this post, haha. by the way, wat's your job?

Sumuk said...

Oit sos.. that is soo true. i forgot abt that one. I cant figure out for the life of me abt the No. 10, so aku tukar jak title from 10 to 9 just to make my life easier haha!!

Yi yang,
Hint : Im somebody who try to improve human living condition by using resources available. And also part time puppiesitter :x

Leong Yi Yang said...

erm... somebody trying to improve human living condition by using available resources... izzit er... i have absolutely no idea... a wild guess: interior designer?

Sumuk said...

Haha!! Nola.. my interior designing sucks big time! I will let u know someday k.

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