Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sorry, Im not wild enough....

Just got back from Oldtown Kopitiam, Cyberjaya accompanying Babai to meet up with Headsteadi, Ngieng, his wife and their little Ducati baby girl. Had my dose of my favorite Nasi Lemak Special there. I know, its fattening, but I promised Babai I will loose the excess 3kg right before our engagement haha!!

Here’s the photo of the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ event last nite as promised. No editing, except to change the size.

The first photo would be…………..

Of course. Who else? Sorry guys, I couldn’t help it :p
Note: I don’t read Kenny Sia blog btw. Don’t kill me please. But my excuse is that, every time I tried to visit, the page was so slow that I never bother to go back after my fifth try.

Anyway, let me start back the photo chronologically. That’s the Tigger pix of Babai shirt.

Any resemblance?

The moment I approached the registration counter, the girl asked me, “Are you from the media?” I felt so bewildered, do I look like I carry a sophisticated camera with me? Then I remembered I was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. Oh well, how do I know the media have their own uniform? And nobody notice the fish on my shirt duh..

The pix of Yi Yang who were struggling with my name sticker, for good 5 minutes, and another unknown guy at the reg counter. Thanks guys..

I was ignored almost most of the time in there anyway. Who else to blame except myself huh. After mingling for a while, I have a suspicion that the reason why I was invited was not really because of my entry, but most probably because of my profile pix. I felt so much like an aunty there!! Im yet to be 30, but I felt so old next to these excited bunch of crowd.

Here’s my pix with Kue, a blogger who came all the way from Kuala Kangsar (wow) with her sis. I recoqnised her from Nuffnang Community Reader who dropped by my blog previously. She is so nice and very approachable.

Here’s another shot. Pix of Suet Li (cute right?)

and with Pinkpau as a ladybird. Im not so sure who is more excited to see each other, me or her? Haha.. just kidding dear. Sorry Pinkpau. This pix does not do justice to you. You are gorgeous in person, smart and funny too. I found her website by chance a week ago, and she is definitely one of better blogger/writer around.

Here’s with Nicholas from Nuffnang. Nice guy with cool costume. Thank you again Nicholas for taking the trouble to come over and talk to me.

Enough of my fat face.

Here’s the pix of the food served. It was delicious. I was expecting the taste to be quite bland, but I found out all the food tasted just right, eventhough the menu does not have many variety (its free la Sumuk! *knock myself on the head*)

And the pix of the event.

Sorry, now you know that I’m vertically challenged. These are all that I managed to take haha…

I thought of taking some random photo of the girls. Here’s Steph, who I thought look bored at the corner. What were u actually Steph? Is a dark butterfly??

And pix of a tigrees, a rabbit and a.. fairy? Not sure what is that.

A chicky who I thot looks like The Chicken Rice Shop mascot?

And an elephant, who bombs only bimbos? No? oh .. JUMBOS.. Ok.

And someone who looks like Iggy.

Eh, that’s a figurine la..

Of course I didn’t win anything at the event. Me coming here was more to understand how does blogger event going on. And going alone also means I have to harassed someone to take my photos and ‘forced’ them to talk me. Hope I didn’t get any email complaining about my harassment this week haha..

A nice key-chain. Few stickers. And that’s it.

Btw, the King of the Jungle title belong to a Cow, and His Queen is a Sexy Tiger. I don’t have their pix, cos I was long gone by then.

At the time this entry being posted, Im yet to know who is the Blog Post Winner in the Most Creative, The Oddest Place For Animal Post, And the Worst Recognizable Animal Post.

I was so tempted to grab the free-flow beer while waiting for Babai to fetch me, but being a good girl I just let the bartender passed me by ;p

All in all, I still feel that it was fun nite with full of games, freebies, fun mc, and sporting crowd. It was my fault that I went there so tired and not enthusiastic enough. But I do look forward to join more of this event. Who can’t resist the freebies eh? And I promise next time I will look as sexy as possible :p


Leong Yi Yang said...

looking forward to c u again in the next nuffnang event, if we both get invited. :-)
by the way, it's hard to see the fish pic on ur t-shirt bcoz of the light in modesto's. lol

Sumuk said...

Eh I thot my fish glow in the dark!


Thanks for dropping by Yiyang. Hope to see you again..

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