Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank You Nuffnang

Just got back from Nuffnang Wild 'Live' event. Went to have a light supper with Babai at Puchong before headed home. God Im soo tired. Right now next to Babai, while he's watching Street Kings.

Sorry Nuffnang I couldnt wait for the event to end. Iwas so damn tired cos I was moving out from my current apartment most of today, and have to carry boxes, a washing machine, bed, refrigerator,... no kidding! My legs are killing me, I dont have the energy to really mingle around and talk.

Im gonna upload the photos tomorrow, the camera batteries really flat. I will find out who won the awesome prices from the blog post and the King and Queen of the Jungles too and post it here. Niway, the event was fun, and Nuffnang staffs really took the effort to make me feel comfortable for being new to their event and came alone. Thanks a lot..


princess mie said...

ohh hey!!! thx for droping by my blog .. hehe
ohh no .. dun say that .. i bet u r very gorgeous and hot urself way back those days .. (cud see that in ur profile pics) ..
hope to see u arnd again in some other events ..
meanwhile keep in touch! :)

Sumuk said...

Hi Steph!
Thanks for dropping a comment here! sorry i was so tired by the time i talk to u i just cant wait to get the hell out of there. Am almost dropped dead on the floor, not drunken but sleepy...

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