Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Compare Bridal Packages

As promised, for the benefit of those who are planning to scout around for bridal houses, here's how to compare the main items.

1. Main Album Size, Type and Texture
2. Small Album Size, Type and Texture
3. Main photo Size, Frame
4. Small photo (gift for mother and mother-in-law)
5. Giftaway photo size and quantity

1. Qty and class of Wedding Gown (WG)
2. Qty and class of Evening Gown (EG)
3. Qty of Costume Gown
4. Qty of Groom Coat
5. No. of images (set of make-up, hairdo)
6. Inclusion of ampoules and eye lashes
7. Bouquet (fresh/fake)
8. Indoor/Outdoor/Indoor+Outdoor

Actual Day
1. Qty and class of Wedding Gown (WG)
2. Qty and class of Evening Gown (EG)
3. Qty of Groom Coat
4. Bouquet (fresh/fake)
5. Bridal Car Deco and accompanying car deco
6. Corsage Qty
7. Morning/Evening Make-up and Hairdo

Check and compare each packages as some bridal houses offer packages that others don't.

Happy scouting!


Kris and Nadia said...

yay.. thanks for the list :) now i know wut im searching for :) yay

Sumuk said...

glad it helps you! :D

Gallivanter said...

It's definitely a headache process, but ultimately fun! :-)

amieyalen said...

oh yeah... good info from you sis... to all looking for this.. this one is good... nice post... my time to look for it maybe in another 10 years..LOL

I would just look for great bridal with good price... I'll be looking for a very **** nice gown!!! once in a lifetime,,,, :D so kena pilih yg betul2... :)

Willie said...

Yes, when you want to choose a bridal shop , those are definitely the things that you need to consider.

On the other hand, the requirements to operate a bridal is very high and expensive. That's why we canceled our plan to open a bridal business. Furthermore, marriage is seasonal, won't be able to earn profits every month. So, we decided to do a free lance photography an just open a small studio.

Anyway, good suggestions here.

Sumuk said...

Gallivanter : yep. once in a lifetime experience :D

amieyalen: in 10 years time, the trend might not be the same as now. some people feels that this trend now is a bit 'pai-seh', but it's one of the only time we will ever do this, so why not go all the way? :D

willie: in Bau (and those small towns), the bridal house is independant without photographer and photo service. most of the time, they will do hair saloon business off-season, and start getting busy with bridal during season. that's how they survive..

One Other ... said...

Bila tek dayung?

Sumuk said...

nok nei ka?

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