Wednesday, April 8, 2009

T Junction

I'm reaching to a point in life where I am about to make one of the hardest decision ever. If you were me, what would your decision be? Work, or personal life?

Everything seems to click so right at the moment. Be it my work or otherwise. I have a good paying job and am happy with how things go, the direction of my career path.. not that I am aiming for anything big at the moment, it's just that I am happy of where I am.

I have always reminded myself not to mix my work with my personal life. The company, and everybody else said the same thing, irregardless of where they stand on in relation to which side of my life.

It would not be fair for me to say that the company is so ruthless by forcing me to make decision when part of my personal life, which I could not avoid, coincide with my job. I understand how they make that kind of view, it just that I was hoping that there were at least a ray of hope for a more understanding from their side too. I have sacrified a lot in the past for my work. I believed I have never complaint and asked for any compensation for the extra work that I produced, on which sometimes eaten up my personal being. True, our work was finally recoqnised when they decided to give OT to us last year, I appreciate that a lot. Then again, we are not robot. Just because we are being paid to do our job, it does not mean that I cannot attend to other details in my life.

Actually, I came back to this company in the hope that I will be able to contribute more, and at the same time since I had gain a better self-control over the years, I am able to prioritize and had learned how and when to say 'NO', thus reducing my stress to a manageble level.

I don't know if I could get out of this one thing that is happening right now.

The worst thing that can happen is that, either I had to leave my job upon failure to comply to company directive, or the very event that everybody, especially the families have been waiting for, have to be put on hold. Both are not really an option for me, but if things does not go well, then it would be one of the hardest decision I will ever make in my life.


amieyalen said...

it depends so much on priority....
but family comes first Sis... :D

cyril dason said...

I say, make the decision which will make you happy. Remember, money can't buy happiness, and money can be found if you try hard.

Happiness does not come everyday if you are unlucky.

Willie said...

Kesiannya. Luckily my company is not like that.

Anonymous said...

Sis Ju ... Life is so unfair sometimes kan? I hope ull fine the best solutions. :) Yes, family comes first. Again, decision is always yours. As long as everyone is understand what u have been through.

Sumuk said...

It's not as simple as it looks. However, God must have a plan for me. Now the best thing to do at the moment is pray.

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