Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I have lots to blog about during my trip back to Kuching last weekend, so this one would be only part of the series.

I think this food outlet is very familiar to Kuchingnite, but for the sake of other readers who are not really familiar with Kuching, it might be something that they should look forward to.

Sunny Hill Ice Cream is quite famous in Kuching. It has been around for more than 20 years now. Babai have been raving about this place to me since forever, but luck has been not really on my side all the while before, most probably due to the festival season going on.

Finally, last Sunday we managed to sample the famous ice-cream outlet. This Sunny Hill shop is located nearby the Batu 3 roundabout, in Sunny Hill College vicinity. We were on the way having our breakfast at Golden Arch when Babai could not find parking and have to make one big round for the roundabout. Hehe. Alas!

This belongs to Maria, Babai's sister. Chocolate flavor with peanut. Sinful..

Babai's cousin, Serene's. Vanilla flavor. Yummy!

Me and Babai shared this. Vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with peach and peanut.

My comment : The ice-cream is very smooth and not overly sweet like other ice-cream available in the market out there. It was just nice... Serene's commented that the taste of the ice-cream and the selections had never changed as how she remembered it from her childhood. Obviously, this place really has sentimental value to many Kuchingnite.


amieyalen said...

i'm craving for ice cream now~~~~~

One Other ... said...

Sigh... vanilla.....

Willie said...

My wife and I always go to this place at night. We haven't brought our son yet since he still didn't know how to eat ice-cream. Hehe

Sumuk said...

amiey & one other : go go! what ru waiting for?! :D

willie : this was my first time.. hehe..

cyril dason said...

i can't remember when I last tasted sunny hill ice cream. been passing sunny hill so frequently, but never stop.

I think I should stop here one day... you pictures look tempting.

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