Sunday, April 12, 2009


11th April 2009, another date to remember in my life. It's the climax of my 1-year RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) spiritual journey.

It was such a rough and difficult journey, and it's worthwhile. I first joined in with a different kind of reason, which is for my upcoming wedding. We were made to understand initially that both of us had to be a conformant in order to have a Church Blessing with Mass. In the end we found out from the St. Joseph priest that at least one of us has to be a conformant. Still, I am glad that I made it through till this point, and I have strenghten my faith, my believe and my understanding of Christianity to another level.

It was a hectic day for me yesterday. I was working half day, but I couldn't get away until 3pm. The moment I reached home, we rushed to Jusco Equine to have our lunch, and I did my last minute shopping for an all-white clothing. It was great to shop in a rush, since it did not allowed me to go through a long customary shopping ritual of picking up, choosing, comparing prices and make a decision for at least 10 sets of similar item.

We reached SFX by 6.15pm, and I received a lot of gifts which was given by SFX, neighboring parishes and individuals alike. It was all unexpected, and they were all prepared so beautifully I was just speechless. We were briefed on what to be expected, eventhough most of us ended up getting more confused since we did not join the practise session. In the end, I just prayed and leave it to the coordinators, who found to be very organized, efficient and reliable. They made our spiritual journey as a very meaningful, interesting at most, and one I could not forget. My praise for them for such a wonderful job done! I heard some people mentioned that SFX RCIA team is one of the best in Malaysia, and they certainly were - no doubt about that!

Admiring my candle and gifts.. Please note the name on my name tag. Cute right? :-)

Waiting for the Baptist to finish the Baptism Rite. Me with Anne Liew, our table coordinator, one wonderful lady :-) On my left is my godfather, Babeh (Uncle Tom).

Easter Virgil Mass consisted of 4 parts, which were Solemn Beginning : The Service of Light, Liturgy of The Word, Liturgy of Baptism and Liturgy of The Eucharist. The service started at 7.30 pm and ended at about 10.45pm. The newly completed renovation of SFX Church coincide with Easter celebration, and we were awed with the new looks so much. The old dilapeted suspended ceiling is replaced with beautiful clean-look of timber woods, and the walls were nicely done. The choir seat also being shifted to the back-left side of the church. Additional screens have been placed strategically outside, and it felt like watching a TV 'Live' version of the Mass. I am so proud to see all that, as these are all made possible from the generous donation of the public.

The sanctuary. I couldnt' find the words to describe my feeling looking at it..

The mass was done very solemnly and without haste. The crowd came in full force and dress-up for the special occasion, the choir solo and harmony was teriffic I felt like I was in an Rome church, yet it maintain the somber mood for the virgil. Since I am already a baptist, our ritual is simple and short. I felt a sense of a great peace and relief the moment I received the oil of Chrism on my forehead at the sanctuary. There were so many smiling faces, and at a point I also felt as if God is watching and smiling from above ... :)

Receiving oil of Chrism from Father Larry.

Group photo for our Table 5. I know I'll miss you guys!

With Babeh and Tayung, my godparents.

I would like to thank our priest, Father Simon Yong and Father Larry for the delightful Service, and also to my godparents who came to support me, and Babai who had journeyed with me all the way. Thanks to St. Francis Xavier Church, PJ for having us there. Congratulations to the other Baptists and Conformants, and also to the RCIA team for a magnificent job. Above all I give praised to Lord for chosing me to be there. This journey has not ended, it's just a new starting for all of us.

Happy Easter to all Christian out there!

More photos of the event can be found here


Cyril Dason said...

Congratulations.. and Welcome to the family :D

Woman IN PinK said... beautiful..sigh, I miss going to SFX church.

Sumuk said...

Cyril : Thank you! :D

Woman in Pink : Thank you! Yes it was.. lots of improvement to SFX now. Im willing to travel all the way to PJ just to join this parish instead of Kajang for sentimental reason. It's for those college days! :)

One Other ... said...

Wah! i donno what that rite is all about, but u look angelic in white. :-) Happy Easter Monday!

Willie said...

All these while i thought you are married. Silly me

Sumuk said...

One Other : Happy Easter! or.. u know what the meaning of Easter too? ;p

We have gone for a civil marriage. If you don't consider that as married, then it's a different story la.. I am unavailable nevertheless hehe..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I did RCIA in 2002.

nur enjel said...

hi sumuk ...u look so chinese hoh .... aku pun mun sik bertudung mmg org kelakar cina indah ngan aku.

Sumuk said...

danielcurran : Hi Daniel. Welcome to my blog and thanks!

nur enjel : wah. welcome back to blogging. org klakar cina ngan kita ya dah mcm asam garam hidup kihkih!

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