Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wild Curry

Warning : The content of this entry might not be suitable to everyone. So if you can't 'stomach it', pls move on. Thanks.

Let's cut the whole story of how we managed to get the wild boar meat. This is what I cooked last Sunday.

WILD BOAR CURRY youuu!!!!!!!!

Actually this is the heaviest cooking that I've done so far. I rate cooking simplicity by how much ingredient needed to be prepared, how much time consumed and how many recipe I need to google before I even took out the utensil from the drawer.

Anyway, I thought that curry is to personal preference, so I hardly refer to any particular recipe, except the guide from the back of the curry powder packet. The rest I repaired it through my own imagination.

I remembered that Babai likes his curry to be thick. I prepared the ingredients and here I used Baba's meat curry powder. Bla bla bla after 2 hours of cooking, this is what I got;

Sorry the angle was not right, too many skin shown on this side..

I 'tell to you arr', Babai really 'thumbs up'.. the meat was slightly springy, yet tender enough it was easy to be eaten. The curry gravy was very close to the taste I had in my mind.

At the same time, I also prepared Deep Fried Eggplant with Belachan Topping, which I featured in Hunter's Food From The Hut. Take a peek at www.huntersfood.blogspot.com ! We really likes it that we finished it in no time at all :D


Anonymous said...

ok...i'm hungry now... what a timing reading ur blog at 6:50pm now and looking at the curry...


Tikiyung said...

aduh...duh sabar jak lah. nangga jak curry ya...'mleleh' ajak air liur ku.

Anonymous said...

adoh hai...sidik eh kari do'ot noh.
samah tok sit... *shiny eyes*

One Other ... said...

OMG! That looks positively wicked! Haha. I'm drooling over here. *why dont u story story abt how the meat got to u?* makes an interesting read bah.

2 hrs? i can imagine how tough it was before u did ur magic woman. So emm... what did Babai reward u with after a thumbs up? Heheh. I tak pernah makan benda ni bercurry, but i bet it'd taste awesome. U go girl!

Willie said...

Pork curry? They have it in Kuching, 4th mile. But i still prefer chicken to be made into curry.

Desmond said...

Wow....you are a hunter? :) I have to try that one of these days coz that meat with curry.... espeecially wild boar...that's a first time for me, but then again, the first time is always very exciting :P

Sumuk said...

fast fast ask your wife cook curry heheh!!

i know you are crazy about curry. sabar aok kawan..

MadWitch GoneCrazy:
sabar sabar dayung.. pas pas diok.. jak punuan tiak.. sik lamak gik Christmas.. can ask your mom to cook :D

One Other:
It is good *thumbs up!*
At first it taste a bit weird, cos boar have distinct smell. but lamak2 mmg nice. I don't know how to cook the kampung style (with peppers) so I tried curry instead. Perfecto!

Pork curry is available in lotsa places.. but not boar right? ;)

I still prefer cook with pepper if possible, but I just wanted to find out how it taste. sedapp!!! ala2 rendang daging..

lvynana said...

deah eh, christmas tih nai yoh.

Sumuk said...

aduh.. Christmas or Gawai oku idoh suka man kari leh.. my sis slalu buat kari ayam.. slalu sik abis cos lejuk.. tgk mcm mana hihi :D

i blog / u read said...

eh silap u.... i stomach everythig :)

Sumuk said...

i blog / u read:
that's weird, cos you are one of the slim one around :D

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