Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Heart Attack

Dear All,

Pls be informed that the dateline for the Goal Setting report submission was over on 29th. November, 2008.

No submission will get a “0” mark in the appraisal. Pls take note.



How would you feel if you received this on Monday morning 1st December 2008 while you are still half way through your report?

This is what happened to me chronologically;

1. I shook my head in the hope I read the email wrongly.
2. I asked my manager to read it, hoping that she would confirm that I did read wrongly.. which did not happened.
3. I cried.. no.. my eyes become misty.. almost cried.
4. Took my handphone to the conference room.
5. Dialed Babai numbers. Cried.
6. Babai asked to look up St. Jude's prayer.
7. Went back to desk. Google St. Jude's prayer.
8. Prayed in front of laptop. Jeez.
9. While on internet, looked up recipe for Chinese Roast Pork (siu yuk).
10. Then submitted my report anyway.


At 11.30am, Big Boss came out of budget meeting. My manager apologized (she haven't submit too). Then my boss said;

"It's ok. I have to write like that.."
Then he smiled.



Everyday like this can die faster la...


Tikiyung said...

Perghhh.....kejam sungguh!

Tiyung Dayak said...

Monthly report? Heh… Just set the target straight – it ought to be done within the stipulated time frame. It’s a “race against time” and “with time, you’ll be there” kind of thing, lah. Once finished and submitted, definitely you’ll feel good again!

One Other ... said...

Ler... potong stim punya bos. Thank you for making me laugh this morning! Hahah!

psst: i oso told my staff the same thing, but i belum submit mine. haha! but dont tell anyone...

i blog / u read said...

hahaha like that also can arr boss?

Willie said...

Gee...that memo was cruel. luckily your boss didn't mean it. And tell your boss the spelling for deadline is not dateline. Hahaha... dateline means "news highlight".

One Other ... said...

Willie, another one with 'deadline' vs 'dateline' problem. haha

cdason said...

thats just cruel... huhuhuh...

Sumuk said...

tikiyung/i blog, u read/cdason:
that's y la heart attack.. it was just unusual of him :D

tiyung dayak:
there are priorities, of which we have to identify which one is urgent and/or important. at the same time, that is not the way appraisal was supposed to be conducted, and we all know it. still, it gave me a scare to have early april fool.

the message did come across though :D

One Other:
i know you'll get the joke :D

shail said...

hahaha if u see indian movies please watch jaane tu ya jaane na a same joke is played but the heroine is cat

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