Saturday, January 9, 2010

My First Order Yuhoo!

Yeay! I got my first 2 orders for my layer cake! One is from Chris's colleague, another is from Babai's colleague.

My fourth sample was a Coffee layer cake, and Babai kept bugging me to have a slice even before I finished baking the last layer. True enough, it was a hit when Chris brought the samples to her office.

I got one order from her friend, but I'm not worried cos if I maintained the quality, I'm sure I'll be able to get more order in the future just from their words of mouth.

My fifth sample was a Cheese layer cake which I made at 10.30pm just after I reached home from Ipoh last Thursday. It didn't taste that great cos I tried using cheese of different brand that I intended to use. But looks like Babai's colleague likes it enough to order it, plus another Coffee layer cake.


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Anonymous said...

looks really yummy...i'm hungry now....


hello friend aku dah started blog baru ngan nama baru COBRAeITe : EKSPEDISI KEHIDUPAN

Anonymous said...

wah!!! dayung .... mauk berguru dan kongsi resipi nanti. tunggu ku di kl ... kelak ku embak secret recipe mak aku. heheheh

i love the layer cake with coffee and cheese ya .... bukak kedei otok tih nei .... anya.

Sumuk said...

freeweelee : it IS yummy :D, guys normally are not fond of cakes, but my hb and his friends like the coffee layer cake very much :)

cobraeiti : wah. lama menghilang brader. welcome back!

anya : aok aok hihi! i need more tips and secret to make my cake irresistable. boleh, bukak kedei belakang rumah. dtg awal sikit, semadi cuti bah.

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