Thursday, January 14, 2010

Full of Hope

Last night I finished baking the last cake from Babai's colleague order, and I received my first ever payment of my layer cake from Chris's colleague. There is another repeat order from her for 1 cake by the end of this month, and Chris already warned me that there might be few orders coming in for Chinese New Year, and even as far as Hari Raya! Pheww.. eventhough not confirm, I am getting prepared myself physically and mentally.

I haven't had the time to actually made new samples except for 1 Green Tea flavor last Sunday. I made a mistake in estimating the amount of green tea powder to be put in, and the taste was overwhelming and bitter. Also trying some mint and almond flavor in some of other samples, but it did not turned out as I expected. Since it did not pass my expection, I did not bother asking Babai to taste it, not even letting it go to be sampled by others. So for my prospective customers out there, you should realized by now how high is my expection for my cakes!

With each cakes that I bake, there are always something that I observed and learned along the way, things that are never mentioned in any cookbooks. It's true what they say, with layer cake, or any other things for that matter, never stop at the first try, continue doing it and you'll get better.

If anybody feel interested to try, let me know. You can start with one flavor first. Of course my recommendation is my Coffee Layer Cake. Introductory price as below;

Dimension : 8"x4"
Cheese/Green Tea Flavor Layer Cake : RM35
Coffee/Chocolate/Strawberry etc : RM29
Shipping cost: tba (by Poslaju/express courier only)
Note : Layer cake can last for 2-3 months if kept in the freezer.
No preservative is added.

Since I have limitation on my oven, this is the only size I'm offering at the moment. I will consider buying a gas oven in the future when my financial permit in order to cater for 8"x8" cake.

By the way, I already received enquiry regarding cupcakes and muffin. I did consider this before, so let's see if I can come up with something soon :D


angela said...

wah!!! you reminds me during my bujang time aku baked this cheesecake. i used to sell 1kg pure blueberry cheese cake for RM50. sangat murah. ju, i love ur project a lot la .... wanna join the club. hehehhe. u should invest a bigger oven special fro baked only. beli yang ada grill atas n bawah ... boleh polah kek lapis 20 lebih layer. best best. -anya-

Sumuk said...

rM50 is very cheap for cheesecake. I know it's not easy to make, if tak jadi silap2 rugi.. my oven ada api atas and bawah, the problem i'm having is the temperature distribution becos of the limited electrical coil shape. boleh boleh, the market is big enough for the two of us :D

cyrildason said...

In sometime, you can consider quitting ur full time stressful job now, and start a bakery =D

And when that happens, I hope I do get a discount if I place an order. =P

Anonymous said...

u have any beer flavored layered cake? I like to try.

Sumuk said...

cyril : my job now pay quite good, so i cant afford to let go, not yet. wait until i can build up my network, then i may start thinking about opening one :D

anon : funny, i got the same question last night. there wouldn't be any beer flavor, but whisky, rum or wine shud be fine. i had wanted to keep the cake halal though, so maybe not so soon..

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