Monday, January 18, 2010

Honeymoon Day 1

Baking update:
Hehe.. I got a bigger order last night, from Babai's friends. The couple order 4 cakes of different flavors after tasting my fresh-from-the-oven samples while they were having BBQ at our place. It will be a gift for his MIL, and the order need to be given latest by 12th Feb for the CNY celebration. *Sweating* If I don't upgrade my oven and adding mould anytime soon, I might have to turn down orders. The couple were also considering seriously to bring some cakes when they return to oversea after CNY, becos they want to introduce it over there. Hehe... it might sound a bit too far fetch and overwhelming for me for the time being. I could do with the extra they might order later on, but not so sure about the shipping if there is any demand. So I told the wife I do not mind teaching her to do it if necessary, provided she can find the key ingredient over there.

I was browsing the airlines website this morning looking for cheap flight when I remember I haven't talked about our honeymoon previously. I was inspired after reading Mr Desmond Jerukan's posting on Pesta Batang Ai's dam and the longhouse resort/dam aeriel view sometimes ago. I purposely choose Batang Ai's Longhouse resort as our honeymoon destination because I know we would gonna be very tired after the wedding, and long distance travel is a no-no. I'm not into favor of beaches, and Batang Ai's being not too close to Kuching to be disturbed by anybody. Plus it is beautiful and serene. I too remember that I have been away from home so long (except from the occasional balik kampung) that I wanted to treasure my 'backyard' this time around. Oversea vacation can wait.

We left for Lubok Antu at 8.00am using Hilton's Kuching shuttle van, which cost us return trip RM145 per head. It's expensive, but I think Babai was still recuperating and the 5 hours self-driving was not in his list. We stopover for 1/2 hour at Lachau, a small 'cowboy' town and we had our brunch at an Iban shop selling mee kolok, which was surprisingly quite nice. One should try mee-kolok-guring-rangkai (mee kolok goreng kering) it tasted something like char kuey teow but with mee kolok. When I pass by the kitchen on my way to toilet, the Iban lady chef was cooking non-stop, as the business was very brisk.

Mee kolok guring rangkai

We reached Batang Ai Dam at 1.15pm, and took the ferry (included in the shuttle package) to make a cross to the resort jetty. The dam was wonderful, the water was deep green and the weather was sunny. The check-in was very quick, and we made our way to our longhouse hostel.

Waiting to board..

Approaching Hilton's Batang Ai Longhouse Resort jetty.

The room was very clean and cosy, full of intricate carvings and details. You can judge from the photos below;

The entrance;

The door leading to the bathroom/walk-in wardrobe. The tv. Not lcd, of course. Who needs tv here btw?

The bed. Bedlinen was superb!

Bathroom and toilet. Too bad no bathtub...

Walk-in wardrobe.

As we were pretty exhausted not just from the long drive but the wedding itself, we were flat out on the bed within 15 minutes and woke up only at 6pm. Gahh. But it was very refreshing, and if not because we were hungry, I would love to continue my sleep.

Taking pictures while waiting for dinner.


I was starving though, and we did not think of buying some food at Lachau town. There was only one small souvenir shop which sells cigaratte and overpriced potato chips. We closed one eye at and just bought it. So for anybody who plan to stay here next time, don't forget to stock up with extra food ya. We chose to have buffet dinner at 7.30pm. Selection was limited, but the spread was delicious. There were fresh BBQ too, which was favorite among the guests.

The ambience at the dining hall.

Pastries and cakes. Sooo yummyyy!

Our wine selection.. One for being where we are now..cheers!

continue Day 2..


walk in wardrobe solutions said...

Really nice blog love your walkin wardobe

lvynana said...

best...cepat mok day 2 gik ;)

cyrildason said...

Ahh.... Batang Ai. They say its nice, and seems that you enjoyed it. Cant wait for the 2nd part.

Coffee Girl... said...

i've been here! the rooms exactly as i remembered! :-) i pun pre-honeymoon gak. hahaha! *sumuk, u censor part yg penting-penting ooo... haha*

Sumuk said...

lvynana : lelah maok upload gambar... nanti dolok..

cyril : not much activity there, but the place very serene and relaxing.. fresh air..

coffee girl : really? what room number? wei, we were that exhausted la.. tak cukup rehat..

cobra cobraeite said...

hai sumuk... apa kabar, lama dah tak masuk blog u, semakin menarik macam orangnya jugak..

Coffee Girl... said...

I went 2 years back. :-)

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