Friday, January 22, 2010

Honeymoon Day 2

continuation from day 1...

Day 2

We have planned to catch the sunrise, but me being not an early riser, of course we missed it in the end :p

We went for buffet breakfast without having a shower, cos we already planned to follow some of the activities which was conducted by the resort. The breakfast was fine, and as any other Malaysian, I stuffed myself with too much food and felt bloated in the end.

We registered ourselves at the Activity Desk at 9am for half-day Lake fishing trip, and it cost RM35 per head. We are not avid fan of fishing, although both of us do have experience fishing in those days when we were still playing with mud or play 'sentry'.

As we were told to wait at the jetty at 9.30am, we had a strolled around the resort first.

This is the swimming pool side at the back of the resort main hall. Mostly foreigners sunbathing here, the locals knows better not to do that.

View of longhouse resort.

At 9.30am on the dot, we were already waiting for our small boat. We were brought to a place which was a bit far from the resort.

On our way to our spot. I covered everything else except my leg. My knees burnt and look like a grilled prawn by the time we finished.

Babai from the back.

Our tekong caught 1 tilapia and 1 kaloi. After half an hour, Babai still hadn't catch anything. Of course, they were talking to each other loudly like an old friends. After 45 minutes passed, the tekong suggest another spot. We had a better luck, but not Babai hehe..

My first, and the last fish I caught. A 'mini' tilapia smaller than my palm. At the back is our 'tekong' helping me to unhook my fish (i forgotten on how to do it).

Our time was up at 11.00, but I think the tekong was enjoying his chat with Babai a lot, he did not remind us and suggest for another spot. We went up further to another location. This time Babai's luck changed for the better.

"Omg omg! I can feel it!"

"Where.....takda pun?"

"Oh, it's a 'Baong'! Yessssirrr!....."

Babai further caught another kaloi and tilapia, and declared it was time to go back. We were way passed the allocated time, but I don't think anybody bother much as the environment here were so relaxing, not as many guest and all the staffs were genuinely nice.. they were not that calculative.

On our way back. The air that I breathed here was so so clean... wish I can do this forever...

Reached the resort at 12.55pm. We went to the resort kitchen and asked them to cook the fishes that we caught ourselves, except my 'mini tilapia'. For the service, rice for 2, including drink, cost us RM15. We went back to our room to have a shower. Within 20 minutes, the resort called us to inform our lunch was ready, and we headed back to the dining hall.

Our fishes cooked in 'assam curry' style. Yummy!!!! The fishes did not have mud smell and tasted so sweet! Fresh gitu!

I want more!!!

We went back to our room to rest. I was engrossed with a book that I borrow from the Reception Hall as Babai watched a crook movie on the telly. Afternoon was very hot, we did not planned to do any other activites provided as they were mostly outdoors and I already start to feel the pain from the sunburn on my knees. So stupid of me not putting on any sunscreen.

At 5pm, we wanted to hiking to the hill, but it was drizzled and we stopped walking up after 10 minutes. We went back to the reception hall, sitting at the big couch at the lobby with book in my hands, and Babai with his head on the couch snoring within 15 minutes. So embarrasing lerr hehe.. But nobody was around, the place was peaceful and quiet except radio sound played at the dining hall adjoining the reception hall.

Dinner was ala-carte, we ordered umai and fried rice. But it was slightly dissappointing this time. We finished our dinner and sipped our half-bottle wine slowly. The friendly bartender came to us to have a chat. Nice young fella. After 10pm, not knowing what else to do, we went nearby the jetty, sat in the dark at the steps and had our own little chat, mostly about the wedding which was still fresh in our mind. By midnight, we strolled slowly around the resort and retired for the night with the sounds of the jungle surrounding us.

to be continue for Day 3..


fonsusz said... tilapia, mun ko nyuruh chef goreng rangup boleh skali ngap ja. the assam curry nyaman ada rupa nya! berapa star tek?

Coffee Girl... said...

Aduh! That fish looks so yummy! i remember i pun ada gi fishing gak, but no luck. just for the fun of it. Ada pegi waterfall tak?

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Uih? Wah...i had lots of memories here. Our third honeymoon was here. Glad you enjoyed it.

Sumuk said...

sos : ikan kecik goreng garing nyaman!!!!

coffee girl: same here. we did it cos nothing much to do there, and just for the heck of it. that's the ideal honeymoon in my opinion :D

willie : it's a perfect place for a quite honeymoon. we enjoy each other's company very much. Glad that u had good time there too :D

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