Monday, January 4, 2010

My Cake MisAdventure

Hehe.. this is how I've been spending my 3 days holiday over the weekend. Trying my hands on Sarawak Layer Cake making.

I was so inspired by Babai's cousin's success with Layer Cake business in JB, that I thought, hey, it couldn't be that difficult ain't it? What I heard about layer cake making is that, it does not so much depend on the skill, but more on resilient and patience. Skill I don't have, but resilient I certainly do.

Now that the wedding is over and I felt good knowing there's no wedding gift in the form of electrical equipment, (except an Elba electrical oven, which I already have :(., now I dare to buy other electrical stuffs which I deemed as not a necessity before. Anyway, that would be good to, maybe if I can get small order for the Chinese New Year (ehem.. jumping the gun a bit..) then the extra oven can be put to good use. So off to Jusco I went and spend almost RM400 investing in a good mixer with stand, other cake making tools and ingredients. I already spent almost RM200 buying Layer Cake books when I was in Kuching. Even if in the end my newfound interest died off, at least I know I have tried and able to understand and master the knowledge, so I won't feel guilty splurging on those items.

My first cake was from a book published by Variasi. I halved the ingredient just in case it failed. True enough, everythings seems to be wrong. The method, my skill and organization or the lack of it, and funny ingredients produce a funny looking and smelling cake.

The next day, I bought a different brand of flour, follow a different book and half all the ingredient as what I did the first time. I started to understand the purpose of the ingredients involved when I see the result of the second cake. The cake was tough, eventhough it was still edible and tasted right. Even the layering was getting better.

Since I got lots of egg yolk from the leftover of the second cake, I decided to try the 3rd cake from a different recipe, but this time I change the ratio of the ingredient, modified it with alternative ingredient for which I did not have, and played with oven temperature and timing. When it was finally baked and cooled enough to be cut, it was such a relief to see a beautiful soft layer cake. It may be not as creamy as how layer cake normally is, but I prefer it that way actually.

Cake 1- Failed big time..

Cake 2-Tough as nail. Improvement there. The layer is getting better.

Cake 3-Tasted good and nice to look at :D

Come next weekend, hopefully I'll be able to try a more difficult recipe and bring it to office for my colleagues to taste.


lvynana said...

boleh tahan pengantin baru tih; 3rd cake, watermelon cake yoh.

Sumuk said...

hihi.. semangat berkobar-kobar tih! actually bukan watermelon, it's kek holiday inn. cuma oku susun kaler kodak kek watermelon. saja2..

rambomadonna said...

I am sucks with layers! I do not have the patience though got myself few orders last year!

Sumuk said...

haha.. i don't know, i feel more calm and concentrate when i did it. maybe deep down i was trying to forget something. trying to run from reality. ha.. apalagi, pas sikitla order kat sini :p

cyrildason said...

I vote cake 3!!! yeah..

Anonymous said...

arhhhhh .... talking about the difficult cakes like layer cake nak berpusing lintang pukang ya .... ada ku beli buku resipi kat bookstore sitok. kelak ku share ngan kawu ... they even show it how to make it berbelit belit .... mauk belajar tok ... aku sik pandei la ... kelak kita belajar sama. ehehhe.


Sumuk said...

i think i have those too. takpa.. come come.. sharing is caring :D

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