Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Another Day

My right eyes keep on producing deposits, maybe I got infection from somewhere. I came back to hotel late from meeting on Tuesday night with our counter part in Singapore. Washed up, and noticed my eyes looks like vampire's.

My mouth was sore due to the root canal treatment I did on the Monday night, which was postponed from last week. Gosh. I was so tempted to just extract my teeth since the day I made the appointment and be done with it forever. But thinking about my age and the numbers of teeth I have left, I am willing to part with RM550 just to see it there for the next 50 years, hopefully. Aduh.. berlubang lagi poket bulan ni......... plus with the pain I had to endure. I stopped counting after the 5th injection, and by the time I was ready for the drilling without winching my face, I was already shaking like mad right till the end. I guess I was traumatized more from the number of injections and extra long needles rather than the prodding and the digging itself.

The next day, I took midday flight to Singapore, and immediately being chauffered to the meeting room. I almost had to extend my stay until Friday due to adhoc meetings with the clients and the consultants. Wishing very hard that I don't have to go, not that I don't want to go for the meeting for my attendance would be important for our team, but I just feel so exhausted having been travelling every week now. My body freezes and my mind seems slow in analysing things. I'm thinking very heavily of changing to other jobs once we start our family, but for the time being, I'll just do what i gotta do.

Immediately after came back from Singapore yesterday, Babai went straight from his office to pick me up at 6.30pm, and we made our way to Jalan Ipoh to collect our prewedding photo. It took us more than one hour to wade through the jam in the city, and the shop was going to close in less than 10 minutes time. Luckily we made it, browsed through quickly because I just don't have enerygy to argue when I saw some imperfection on the album.

Overall, I'm ok with the finishing cos I think I am not that difficult to please, but I think other people who look at it might have something else to say. However, as usual I don't think anybody will say it out loud. I know how it feel cos I myself never have the heart to comment anything bad about other people's wedding photo eventhough obviously some where not to my liking. Then again, everybody have to remember that we can't please everyone, and I rather see people are happy to hear good comments rather than giving them bad memories about some part of their wedding day.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Root Canal? Sakit ya bah.

PreWedding Photos? Wah Dayung, cobalah dapat tunjuk lam blog ho? Scan kan kah?

Sumuk said...

eheh. malu la Willie. low profile :D

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