Monday, November 9, 2009

Rules of Survival

William have given birth to 7 little kitten, yet only 3 survived as of the time I wrote this post. The last one born was premature. The last 2 were too weak, and died in less than 12 hours. Another 2 were deformed, 1 of it died this morning because it couldn't feed itself by unable to instinctively looking for it's mother's nipple. I tried to revive it by buying kitten's milk and feed it with plastic syringe, but maybe it was a bit too late by then. Everytime the kitten died, William would look at me and meowed sadly as she put her paws softly on the dead body. I couldn't bring myself to dispose the dead kitten. I have to thanks Babai for that.

I am praying that the other 3 will be able to push through until the 5th day, hopefully they'll be out of danger zone by then.

Feel sad.


The Saints said...

Oh gosh!

This is sad. Animals have feelings toward their offsprings. I am sorry for your kittens.

lvynana said...

William noh betina paduhal.

Sumuk said...

The Saints,

Thank you for dropping by. It was heart-wreaking to see it happened.

Yes, animal can feel, no doubt. Especially for cats and dogs, we can see their feelings based on their response and act.

lvynana : aok. mula2 kamekorg ingatnya jantan. dah biasa nunggah william, 3 weeks later baruk discovernya betina duhal.

Ramblin' Dude said...

Oh oh, dah beranak kah.. tinggal 3 ikok jak, oh sayanggg...

Sumuk said...

aok.. survival of the fittest.. sian daknya..

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