Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chatty Airline Seatmate

Arghh!! I hate chatty seat mate!!!

I've actually beg Babai the other day to fill up my Ipod with Michael Buble and Il Divo songs, but I totally forgotten about it. I had wanted to use the 2 1/2 hour flight to catch up with my sleep after I finished my breakfast and newspaper reading. Plan failed big time.. I made the big mistake of making eye contact with my fellow pregnant neighbor. The moment she found me smiling at her, she start telling me stories, note: she didn't asked, but tell. I didn't want to appear rude by just listening and not giving my fair share of ideas, but when I keep trying on getting back to my newspaper, this lady just couldn't get the glaring hint and keep on telling her story. If only I have my Ipod with me........

Luckily she seems to be quite intelligent despite her young age, otherwise I would have get very irritated on trying to make a boring conversation just to entertain her. I declined her kind offer to bring me around town as I have lots of thing need to be taken care off, and I don't want to be a burden to her. Hopefully my trip back tomorrow I'll have the whole row to myself.

I am staying at Heritage Hotel which was situated at the heart of Tawau town. I am taking a promotional standard room rate of RM92++, but the room I got must be the biggest standard room I've ever seen in my life! And it was very nice, worth every single cent. Too bad no breakfast included, but all amenities and food outlet are just a walk away. Tawau is a laidback town with genuinely nice people. Everybody from the airport toilet cleaner to our client speak to us nicely with a smiling face.

I finish my site tour within two hour, and answering some of our client's request for advise. Tomorrow morning there'll be more discussion regarding the schedule and payment. Since my flight back shall be at 6pm, I'm not sure how to fill up my time as the site is nearer to the airport and I don't feel like driving back to town to get to the seaside.

Anyway, I'll be off for a dinner with our client in 15mins time. Seafood! Seafood! Seafood! Yeay!


cyrildason said...

when Im on a plane, i prefer to sleep, and I know how you feel!!

Dee Loner said...

poor you! I can understand the feeling..

Sumuk said...

cyrildason : especially early in the morning, we are deprived of sufficient sleep kan. Some people just dont get it.

Dee Loner : haha. thanks dude..

Coffee Girl... said...

since i cant sleep in a plane no matter how sleepy i am, i prefer a witty good looking friendly fella, to keep me company, if im lucky enough. usually. :-)

Sumuk said...

for the first half an hour, i do not mind actually. it actually also helps in a way that we don't feel the time pass by, for longer flights. only that sometimes when we do want to be left alone and the other person don't get it, that's where it'll become irritating.

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