Monday, October 19, 2009

Rules of Engagement

The purpose of Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) is to prepare engaged couple with issues regarding married life. Although this course does not give exact solution to most of the problem, it gave guidance and lots of coursework that revolve around real life and even provoking issues that require active participation and communication between couples in order for it to be effective.

As part of compulsory steps towards taking the Sacrament of Matrimony, we initially felt that this requirement was a bit troublesome. Nevertheless, we took it positively and came with an open mind. We did not expect to have a blissful and perfect marriage when we finished this course, but at least we gave it a try and and try to pick up the good things from it.

There are two type of CMPC being offered. One is 1-2 hours CMPC that is conducted weekly for the duration of 6-7 weeks on the weekend, and one is the live-in weekend (3 days) CMPC that is designed for couples who have difficulty attending the longer duration. Couples are mostly advised to take the longer duration if possible, due to the reason that there are lots of subject to be covered, and it can be quite overwhelming and tiring. However, due to my uncertain schedules, we have no choice but to go for the 3 days course.

I would like to advise couples that the moment they have already decided on getting married or getting engaged, they should go to their nearest parish to fill up the form and being interview by the parish priest in order to attend the course. It is important to go for the correct parish since they will only be responsible for registration under their own jurisdiction. The question were almost similar to the Pre-Nuptial Inquiry if you register your CMPC under different parish. That was the case for us because our wedding will be in Kuching, but we have to go for available courses in KL.

The parish priest will subsequently gave the recommendation/consent etc, and they will give the info regarding the regarding the courses and the organizer. The weekend live-in CMPC was conducted in Church of St Anthony, Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, which was located next to Puduraya. Weekend CMPC is only conducted 3 times a year, which is in March, July and October. So it is important to get parish advise regarding this matter as soon as possible as the seats are very limited, and you might have to book half a year in advance.

This course cost RM250 per couple. There are basic dormitories provided in St Anthony, and couples will live in a separate male and female dorms. Simple but sufficient food are provided throughout the day (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, evening tea, dinner and supper). Registration started at 3pm on Friday, and finished by noon on Sunday. During this course, couples are discouraged to socialise with other couples as they intention is to let each couple fully concentrate on their own partner.

The course was organized and conducted by a group of volunteers who are consists of Catholics couples and they are not professional speakers, nor marriage counselors by all means. They however share their own examples on everyday issues in marriage life based on the course content. Subsequently, after each content, couples will be given list of questions to be answered separately, and couples were to discuss with their own partners regarding each other's answer. That is why couples were advised to come with an open mind, be supportive and cooperative when doing the exercises in order for it to work, as it all depends on themselves.

I will share with you on the Course Content in later post. Hope it will be useful to other couples who are planning to get married.

Updated : Pls see Catholic Marriage Preparation Course - Content


suituapui said...

Well, I don't think my daughter's getting married just yet... Will make sure that she goes when the time comes. LOL!!!

Sumuk said...

don't worry. Catholic Church, or every church if I'm not mistaken, has made it compulsory for to be wedded couple to attend this course if they want to register their marriage through church.

Coffee Girl... said...

wah... all the trouble just to get married ... hope it's worth it Sumuk.

cyrildason said...


and if im not mistaken, pre-marriage course is compulsary now, right?

Sumuk said...

coffee girl : hei! what do u mean by that? haha! the 3-day pre-marriage course itself is nothing compare to what you gonna face for the rest of your life! it's a piece of cake comparatively. really.

cyrildason : For Catholic churches, yes. I'm not sure about the rest.

Coffee Girl... said...

I mean, adoi.. so many prerequisites ... bila nak kawin la? huhuhu.

Sumuk said...

prevention is better than cure.. that's what they said *wink*

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